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Top 10 Team Building Activities at Workplace

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Team Building

Gone are the days when business owners tried to feed employees as per their wishes. The modern days are witnessing a great transformation when it comes to achieving some of the toughest tasks and targets. There is no more ‘I’, but the idea has changed significantly to ‘WE as a TEAM’. With this motto, the organizations have been able to nurture the potential and execute the strategies effectively and efficiently. The corporate firms are engaging with some of the top event management companies to introduce some of the ‘out-of-the-box’ flamboyant team building activities.

There can be several office team building activities. These can be categorized in to either indoor or indoor ones. But, the top 10 can be as follows–

  • Delicacy Making Session

Let’s not be parochial about our day-to-day tasks. We need to think about it from a broader perspective. The event hosting companies suggest organizing session where each team is given the task of preparing a definite platter.

Food is both art and science and the session is all about seeing how each employee performs as a team. Not everyone is good at all things hence, to prepare a meal, participation from every employee stands important. Such a session occasionally helps inculcate a spirit of team-building. It is one of those outdoor team building activities where each member works with the recipe to cook just a GOOD, FRESH & YUMMY FOOD.

  • Treasure Hunt

It is a game of teamwork. Each team is provided with a list of items that they need to collect by searching from different places to complete the list. The items listed should not be purchased. This is one of those outdoor team building activities that improve not only the coordination but also cooperation between the different members. It fosters a strong professional bonding among the team members. 

  • Game of Chicken, Rice, and Dog

A delightful game to unite the entire team towards team collaboration. It is considered a turbo-charged game that helps solve critical problems. In this game, one member acts as a farmer and the rest villagers. The farmer has to make the purchase of Rice, Chicken, and Dog and has to return to the village after crossing the river. Condition is that the farmer cannot leave any two items on the boat with the help of one hand. Check it out if you can!

  • Escape Room

If you want to get your employers involved in any of the office team building activities where there is adventure along with adventure, then perhaps this is the game. This game demands participation from each member in problem and puzzle solving by beating the clock. This is a game where not only working together is going to work but also effective communication is required. 

  • Blind Drawing

Another game on the card is blind drawing. It is one of those corporate team-building games that is based on effective communication. Usually played in a group of two, it tests the understanding and delivering the potential of the players. 

  • Truths and a Lie Game

If you want your employees to get to know each other efficiently then this can be the game. Usually played in a group of 3 or more, the members have to identify the lie being told about themselves by another member. The key to succeeding in the game is to frame a lie that should look realistic.

  • Frostbite

This can be one of the effective outdoor team building activities where the employees have to work as a team and survive the worst conditions. The team would select a leader who would act as a guide and complete the task by working as a team. 

  • Flip it Over

If you want your employees should understand the value of working in a team, then this can be the game. According to the event organizers, this game is usually played in a group of 8-9 members and the challenge is to flip the blanket/towel. This team-building activity helps understand the importance of collaboration within the team.

  • Zoom in Pictures

Who does not love pictures? and as a team, if you want to check the understanding power of the employee then this can be one of the games. This is a 30 minutes game where the members are shown a sequence of pictures from which a unified story has to be created. This game helps in testing the employee and team’s communication skills, understanding power, patience, retention, and creativity.

  • Spider Web

If you, as a business owner want to thrust on cooperation, support, leadership, trust, and persistence then this would be the perfect corporate team building game. The entire game is played on strategy and sticking to it efficiently.


It is true that office team building activities stand very prominent and therefore, every firm or company is stressing on organizing an event that would not only boost team building but also increase productivity as a team.