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Tools for Troubleshooting Any Hydraulic System

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Business, Industrial Equipements

Hydraulic power drives various devices in different industries. The use of Enerpac hydraulic tools is very widespread because of their versatility. Besides, these tools come with extremely high power.


Most heavy construction machinery uses hydraulic power. Lifts, cranes, bulldozers, diggers, every machine uses gas engines to power hydraulic pumps that pressurize hydraulic fluid. 


Therefore, hydraulic power is necessary for almost every industrial facility. Besides, it is directly or indirectly responsible for the movement of automated components. 


But the problem is that these hydraulic systems can cause trouble sometimes. Therefore, you must know how to fix the issues. This post will discuss mandatory tools for troubleshooting any hydraulic system.


Tools to fix Enerpac hydraulic tools


While working with Enerpac hydraulic tools, you must know the uses of some other tools that will troubleshoot any hydraulic system. Such tools are;


Portable Pressure Testing Kit


The pressure testing kit is one of the essential hydraulic tools to have while troubleshooting any hydraulic issue. The problem with gauges is that they get dirty or damaged over time.


By having a portable pressure testing kit, you can fix the gauges easily. The portable pressure kit is specifically designed to attach the points.  



Infrared Cameras 


In a hydraulic system, heat is one of the biggest issues. And the most challenging task is to find where the heat is coming from.


For most hydraulic machines, the normal operating temperature is around 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. By using infrared cameras, you can easily locate where the heat is coming from. Besides, the infrared camera has versatile uses in the hydraulic field, and it can troubleshoot any hydraulic problem. 


Flow Meters


Flow meters are one of the most common tools for troubleshooting Enerpac hydraulic tools. You can install the flow meters on pressure, case drain, and return lines. This tool is the most effective way to check the condition of variable pumps.


A flow meter can indicate how many GPM (gallons per minute) are lost. By installing a flow meter in the pressure relief valve, you can check the condition of a flexed displacement pump.


You can understand how worn the pump is by checking the pump flow. You can install the flow meters directly downstream of a pump or in the return lines of directional valves. 


Proportional Valve Test Box


The proportional valve test box is another excellent tool for checking a proportional valve before taking it off the system. This valve test box is capable of troubleshooting Enerpac hydraulic tools. 


Proportional valves are susceptible to contamination, and sometimes they get removed from the system without ensuring that the valve is causing a problem. It affects the system more. 


But by using a proportional valve test box, you can better indicate the problem. You can connect the test box directly to the particular valve.