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Tips to Embrace to Take Good Care of Timber Flooring

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Home Improvement

Timber flooring is popular as it is adding a great look to the place wherever it is installed and is highly durable compared to the other flooring options. Moreover, it is available in different colours, grains, styles and coatings. To install this type of flooring, you need to hire experts. These people come with the right equipment to install the flooring without any flaws. Many homeowners love to install timber flooring, since this type of flooring looks warm, create a peaceful ambience in the home and is less prone to scratches. In addition, it requires very less maintenance. This keeps the dust and dirt away. Though there are scratches, grooves and marks, you can hide them by resurfacing the flooring.

Though it is pretty simple to take care of the timber flooring lane cove, you need to avoid these things to keep it rich and elegant as always despite extreme tear and wear five years from the installation.

  • Too much of moisture content
  • Excess dirt and dust
  • Drag furniture from one place to another. To avoid the timber flooring from getting prone to scratches, you need to put protective pads to the legs of the furniture. Ensure that the dirt and grime would not pile up around the pads since this can cause scratches to the flooring when you slide the furniture.

Here are a few tips you need to embrace to take good care of your timber flooring lane cove:

Give a perfect finishing to the floor: The timber flooring is polished with solvent or a kind of water-based polyurethane. This is resistant to extreme wear and tear. However, many homeowners and timber floor installers are using a water-based solution as it gets dry faster and is non-toxic. There are a few homeowners who are using oil and few are using wax. When the finishing is applied, it protects the flooring from dust, scratches and other damages and maintains a glossy look.

Check the finishing thoroughly: If you are moving to a new home where it is timber flooring, you need to check the finish of the home flooring thoroughly. This gives the condition of the flooring and lets you decide on how to care and maintain it.

Keep it clean always: You need to regularly sweep or vacuum clean the flooring to keep it away from dust that gets piled up and ruin the flooring look. Irrespective of the floor finishing, you need to remove the dust and grime that would otherwise result in scratches. You need to buy a soft-bristled broom or a vacuum cleaner to mop the flooring. You need to wipe the spills on the floor with a wet-dry cloth or using a paper towel. It is highly recommended to place a floor mat outside the timber flooring so that the dust and grime would be lost at the entrance without people carrying them inside.

Mop regularly: If your flooring has wax finishing, you should not mop it and if it has a polyurethane finish, you can do a quick mop. You should never use water on the timber flooring since it damages and deteriorates the flooring quickly. You should avoid using too hot water, as it takes a toll on the finishing part.

The above are a few tips to embrace to increase the longevity of this flooring.