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Tips For Selecting The Best Frameless Glass Pool Fencing In Sydney

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Home Improvement

Glass pool fence will enhance safety at the same it will also improve the look of the house. If you have children in your home then it is important to have a fence for the swimming pool. Glass fences are durable and they are easy to maintain. In this article let us discuss the things you must consider while installing frameless glass pool fencing.

Important Factors To Be Considered Before Selecting A Glass Fence In Sydney

Cost Of Material & Installation:

The cost of the frameless glass pool fencing in Sydney differs and it is mostly based on the total size and height of the fence. The total cost includes the cost of installation also. The total cost of the glass fence also varies based on the number of gates. Approximately it will cost $275 for installing one linear meter of frameless and high-quality glass fence. 


Consider all safety measures before installing a glass fence for the pool. Safety is the primary thing to be considered while choosing and installing the glass pool fence. Tempered glass panels which you selected for installing must meet the local standard of Sydney, Australian government. 

Glass Quality:

It is very important to select high-quality glass for the fence. Heat-treated panels may explode because of the inclusion of Nickel but they are hidden. Rare breakages of glass panels can be prevented by buying glass panels from a certified and good quality supplier and also it must be properly installed by a trained and experienced person. The glass panel must meet the standards and should have a confirmed mark. The glass panels with conformity mark will be manufactured from high-quality material and also by control standards of the Australian specification. 

Glass Fence Style:

The glass used for the pool fence must be durable and it must be similar to barriers. Glass pool fences are available in different designs and styles. You can select one based on the layout of the pool and your preference. Frameless is the popular style and it is preferred by most people in Sydney.

For high-end buildings, it is better to select frameless glass panels since it provides a modern and sleek look. If you use frameless glass panels then there will no obstructions in the pool view and also the surroundings. But it will be safe similar to the semi-frame glass fence. Frameless glass fences are installed using spigots instead of posts. Spigots are drilled and fixed into the ground using cement. 

The Height & Width Of The Glass Pool Fence:

The standard height of the glass pool fence must be 1200 mm. The width of the panel varies based on the design. The width of the frameless glass panel will be between 850 mm to 1800 mm. 

The Size & Thickness Of The Glass Pool Fence:

The thickness of the glass gate panel must be 8mm. The thickness of the main pool panels must be 12 mm. Custom and non- standard panels can be used for other areas.