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Tips for picking the best name for your Online Store

by | Dec 19, 2020 | Business

‘Name’ is always considered to be the most important part of a business. A name determines the essence of a brand, and it is something that people remember and relate to. 

A brand name is a defining step towards its reach and growth.


Picking the best name is a matter of art and your brand value. The name has to be an extension of who you are and what you stand for. A brand name is a fine line between your idea and its reach in the world. Confusion is normal as there are a whole lot of brands out there, and to make a stand, is a little challenging but also exciting at the same time.


Along with the tips mentioned below, you can also use a store name generator to come up with the best name for your online store.


There are the following steps involved in this:

  1. Know your past, present, and future of your brand
  2. Take inspiration from other brands in your niche
  3. Make your own names
  4. Please keep it simple
  5. Ask For suggestions from your family and friends on the name you have chosen
  6. Check out whether your domain is available or not
  7. Shortlist and finalize
  8. Celebrate!


1. Know the past, present, and future of your brand

The name of your brand has to be a story that you want to showcase to the world. Write down:

  • Past, i.e., the inspiration for your brand
  • Present, i.e., knowing the present stand of your brand in the market. 
  • Future, i.e., your vision for the brand 

Make sure to make detailed notes of it. This process will give you a great insight into your brand and help you to feel inspired, and it would eventually lead to an original name for your online store.


2. Take inspiration from other brands in your niche

Now, as you are done with step 1. It is the time to get the market lookout and know your competitors and learn from them. There could already be so many brands that have established themselves in your niche area. Analyze their stories, their identities, and make way for your ideas. You can also write the points about the brand’s name that you like and create a rough draft for yourself, which will show the elements that make a great brand name.


For example: To choose a name for my new makeup brand, seek inspiration from brand names such as Mac (It’s a unique name), L’Oreal, etc.


3. Make your own names

After learning a lot about other brands, it’s time to create your identity. It’s time to think, strategize, and create a captivating name for your brand. 

It’s really simple. Try to be as authentic and original as possible. Don’t stress and freak out. Just name it something which resonates with you and your brand. Write all the possible outcomes, that is, names that suit your brand and your business. Work your way out here, and think through your business values. Bring out your creative side and brainstorm ideas that will definitely bring out something great. Use your creativity and inspiration here as it is time for you to shine.


4. Keep it simple

Simplicity is the key. Always keep your name simple and something easy to pronounce. Use short names as they stay with the audience for a longer time.

It’s like choosing your own words. So, keep it simple for everyone. Creativity is at its best when you remove all the unnecessary items. Thus, don’t reflect any unnecessary ideas from your brand name. Keep it simple and sleek. 

For example, Brand names like ‘Nike,’ ‘Adidas,’ ‘Woodland,’ ‘Dominos,’ etc. are way simpler to remember than ‘Comme des Garcons.’


5. Ask for suggestions from your family and friends on the name you have chosen

After that, go out, ask your friends and family members how they feel about your brand name and what their suggestions are. It’s nice to have your people’s suggestions but ultimately remember, it’s always your own choice. Just be out there and ask for help if required. Gaining different ideas will help you to curate a perfect name. It will help you to gain a different perspective and think through the name once again. Maybe somebody can come up with a better name than you originally did! Thus, consider interacting and asking for help.


6. Checkout whether your domain is available or not

E.g., If my brand name is ‘Global’ and I couldn’t find ‘global’ as a domain name, then I can use ‘globall’ or ‘gglobal,’ but it is not the best way to go about it!

It’s always better to have the same domain name as the brand name. It adds more value and reaches out to the brand. One of the ways you can get your desired name as a domain name is to opt for new domain extensions such as .TECH, .STORE, .ONLINE, .SITE, .SPACE, and more.


7. Shortlist and Finalize

Now, this is the time to sit back alone or with your team and finalize your brand’s name. This is the time, the moment when you finally make that hard choice. So, brace yourself; get ready to make all your hard work count by working and finalizing the name. Consider all the points that you have searched for and create an identity.                                                                                                                                                   


8. Celebrate

You have done all the work well, and now you have the name of your brand. It is one of the most important and time-consuming decisions of your business which you have finally made. So, celebrate and have fun! Pat yourself and be extremely proud.


Put these steps to action and work super hard to keep growing. 

Contrary to what Shakespeare said, remember that there’s so much in a name for a business.