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Tips For Galvanized Trailer Maintenance And Repairs In Sydney

by | Apr 23, 2020 | Automotive

Proper function and increase in the life period can be achieved by properly maintaining the galvanized trailers. The maintenance of the trailers differs based on the trailer type and its usage. For standard or galvanized trailers, maintenance procedure and trailer repairs must be done once in a month or at least once in four-month. For better performance clean the trailer immediately after using it. In this article let us discuss the importance of trailer repairs in Sydney

Trailer repairs in sydney


  • Frequent wash

Trailers must be always kept clean. The surface area of the cabin trailer or enclosed cargo trailers is more when compared with the normal trailers. Use warm soapy water to wash trailer and after cleaning rinse the surface using the hose. Lights and reflective plates of the trailers must be cleaned using a soft cloth. Common grime builds up in areas like crannies and nook. So it must be cleaned regularly.

Clean the undercarriage because the moving parts of the trailers can be degraded by the accumulation of road dust. Trailer cabins will be tall so use special tools to clean the whole surface. Chamois and telescopic wash brush can easily clean the cabin surface or use a strong ladder to clean the top surface of the trailer. 

If you are using boat trailers then it must be washed after every use since they are mostly used in saltwater. The wheels, brakes, and suspension of the boat trailer must be cleaned because saltwater accelerated corrosion and it damages the important parts of the trailer.

  • Brake fluid:

Once in a year you must remove the brake fluid and fill it with a new one since the fluid absorbs moisture and lose its ability to perform the task. 

  • Seal:

Check the shape and flexibility of the rubber fixed on the seal. If the rubber is not in a proper working condition then it will affect the performance of the trailer. When replacing the seal note the number printed on the number to get the perfect match of it. After cleaning completely dry the rubber before fixing the wheel bearing. Apply grease on its surface to prevent breakage. Apply grease to the axle also. 

  • Brake pads and brake calliper:

Brake calliper will be attached at the end of the wheel. In both cable and hydraulic systems, brake pads are present inside the brake calliper. Check the shape of the brake pads if it is not in a good shape replace it with a new one. Brake pads are cheap also they are easy to replace. 

Calliper seizing is another issue faced in most of the trailers. It is a common problem in the hydraulic brake system. So regularly check the callipers when doing regular trailer repairs in Sydney. When you find some problem in the calliper, pull the calliper and push the hydraulic brake inside and outside using G clamp. After this apply brakes regularly so the braking system will work properly. 

Lubricating sliding hitch actuator, lubricating the brake lock, greasing the trailer parts, bearing maintenance and adjusting the cable are some of the other maintenance tips for the proper functioning of the calliper.