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Tips for Aromatizing your House with your Favorite Fragrance with the help of Humidifier

by | May 7, 2020 | Home Improvement

Humidifiers are a perfect source of relieving yourself of irritants such as the clogged nose, coughing, and colds. They are fantastic in terms of everything. They moisturize the air and keeps the temperature comfortable. But placing them in just the right spot and getting the most out of them is a work of art that we are going to teach you.

This article will give you some useful tips on how to use your best humidifiers for a home to their maximum potential. So, here we go.

Basically, there are two things you should keep in mind when you are placing your humidifier. First thing first: the unit should be at least two feet above the ground level and should be placed on a table or any piece of furniture. Second, take care of your furniture, please! Place a sheet or a towel to protect your furniture from the water inside the humidifier.

Now that you know the basics of setting it up, let’s move further. Some humidifiers have large plumes to disperse moisture in all the rooms. In this case, you don’t want to put your unit very high up the ground, like on the wardrobe because it will only contribute to lessening the effectiveness of the unit.


Another key tip is the distance of the unit placement from your bed. We recommend that you put it at least three feet away from the bed. Why? There are plenty of good reasons, one of which is hot water spillover! Dangerous!

Unless you have a humidifier that is precision designed with patented technology to keep noise at a minimum, it’s best to keep it further away from your bed so you can sleep. The sound of a fan or water dripping right next to your head can be something to focus on, disturbing your sleep.
Also, these units can make some humming noise and can be quite disturbed while you are sleeping. Keep it far away from your bed so you can have undisturbed sleep. Also, one of the reasons why you would want to place is in just the right position is that you want your whole room to be moisturized and not just one part. Plus placing the unit really near to you is not recommended for health reasons.

Now, where would you want to put this unit is entirely up to you as it will depend on the placement of furniture and the layout of the room. But to have a general idea. Large humidifiers are best placed in the corners while the one with low power should be placed a the center. Also, don’t put it near the sunlight or close to the window.

Humidity Level Setting:

Now what kind of humidity you want is also up to your needs. However, we recommend choosing the setting that best suits you. But if you want numbers, we would say around 45 to 50 percent of humidity levels are generally standard, and they won’t be too high nor too low. These settings are best suited for good night sleep.

Water Type:

If you want the best results, know how to use different types of water in different types of situations. These two special types of water work best for giving you adequate moisturization.

Distilled Water
Distilled water is prepared after getting to heat up the water to its boiling point and letting it cool down to remove all the bacteria from it.

It also removes all the other impurities such as unwanted salts or minerals as the boiled water is turned into steam first and is captured again into the water container. This way the impurities which cannot rise with a steam stay at the bottom and the water inside the distillation container is pure of all impurities.

Distilled water is the purest form of water and is best suited to use in cool humidifiers.

Demineralized water
Demineralization is another procedure of removing all the minerals from the water. Although it doesn’t remove the bacteria and other microbes, it removes all the impurities. This type of water is best suited for warm mist humidifiers as the constant boiling of water will automatically kill the bacteria.
But hey don’t drink it as it is not the drinking type as it tastes gross.

Preventing Molds:

Another worry, especially with cool mist humidifiers, is that the unit will start developing molds. Here are a few tips on how you can prevent them:

White Vinegar: Use any type of water, fill the tank with it and put a cup of vinegar into it. This will greatly reduce the mold in the tank.

Humidifier Tablets: You can purchase aftermarket cleaning solutions such as the EzCAL solution or the cleaning tablets that will automatically clean your humidifier and will automatically prevent the growth of mold. These also help in increasing the life of your unit.

Add Other Materials: There are a couple of other things as well that you can put inside the humidifier to clean it and prevent mold. Some nice choices include tea oil, chlorine, etc. What you want for your humidifier and for your room is entirely up to you.

How often should you clean it?

Even if you are using pure water like the distilled water, you may want to clean your humidifier regularly for many reasons which may include preventing bacterial overgrowth, preventing molds, and getting rid of any mineral residues. Also, you don’t want stagnant water to stay for long inside.

We know that with a busy routing it isn’t possible to clean your unit every day. So, we would recommend having it cleaned once every three days. How would you do it is up to you. However, check out this quick cleaning guide to start with.

Quick Cleaning Guide:

Unplug the humidifier and remove the tank if it has any. Also, make sure you remember how you put it apart so you can put it back together. You don’t want to call maintenance and accrue additional charges just because you had the good thought of cleaning your unit. Then use some white vinegar and soak all the parts in it for around 20 minutes. While you soak these parts fill the tank half and give it a full clean. Leave the mixture to stay there for some time and wait. Finally, rinse off all the parts with any type of water then put it all back and enjoy.

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