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What Type Of Tiles Will Suit Your Home?

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Home Improvement, Kitchen renovations

Having a beautiful home is a dream come true for everyone. Further, tiling is a popular way of decorating the floors these days. Not just being strong and durable, but tiles also help provide a classy look. Tiling services in Kensington is all about making your home come to life available in a wide variety of colours easily blending with the décor of your home. 

Types of Tiles to suit your home

  • Cement tiles

These are extremely durable, making way to driveways. Additionally, since these are not so smooth, they give perfect grip even when it is wet. 

  • Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are the glazy ones, either plain or the decorated ones used on floors and the walls. Tiling companies in Matraville offer ceramic tiles in both polished or unglazed varieties. 

  • Mosaic Tiles

The mosaic tiles are the small tiles made using porcelain, glass, stone, or ceramic. Likewise, mosaic comes in glazed and unglazed versions to add colours to your room. It doesn’t even make your room look stuffy or fuzzy. Mosaic tiles are better preferred in the bathrooms and kitchens. 

  • Natural stone tiles

Marble, granite, limestone are some of the most popular natural stones. Either these are durable or non-durable depending on the material used. Materials such as marble and granite can be used in the kitchen counters and even in the living rooms. 

Look for a professional tiling service provider in Kensington which can help you in differentiating amongst them all and allow you to choose the best one for your home.

Choosing tiles as per your space

  • Kitchen

Ceramic tiles are best preferred in the kitchens. Furthermore, available in wide patterns and colours, these tiles are very durable. Choose tiles that are scratch-resistant also as kitchens have high traffic areas. Match the interiors and the units in the kitchen while making a selection. Depending on the size of the kitchen, you can opt for larger or smaller tiles. 

  • Bathroom

Ceramic tiles from tiling services Matraville is preferred when it comes to the bathrooms. The glazed ones work best for the walls but not for the flooring. The natural stones are safer to walk on when it is wet. Mix and match the colours accordingly to get the best for your bathrooms. Add bright and floral colours and patterns to work wonders on the bathroom tiles. 

  • Living rooms

When you think of designing your living room, from ceramic to natural stones, everything fits in perfectly. Also, Italian marble or porcelain tiles are the preferred choices presently. Besides, the designer textured marble is suitable to be used in large living rooms. It adds a certain character and warmth to rooms. 


Tiles are an essential investment to be considered and it is advisable to make your choice with due care. You have to choose tiles that can match up to the wear and tear for years. Make sure that you pick up a particular tile for only specific areas. You have to approach sensibly as to “where” and “what for” you are doing the tile installation. Connect with tiling services providers in Matraville to know what will be the ideal patterns.  Don’t be in a hurry and counsel everybody before making a decision. It’s about your home and you have to be perfect in that!