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Things You Need To Know About The Textured Wall Panels

by | Mar 7, 2019 | Home Improvement

Textured wall panels are one of the best ways to create beautiful interior designs in properties. It is also possible to maximize the comfort effects of these panels only by adding a little creativity and some simple elements. Besides, it is really amazing to see how simple it is to create beautiful designs with these panels only by adding some imagination. The total amount of character and visual interest that these panels can add to any space is just remarkable.

With faster installation time, these panels can help the property owners to complete their projects within the shortest possible of time. This ensures that the property owners will see their return on invest soon. Another great thing about these panels is that these are really simple to install with no support or framework required.

Where can the textured wall panels be installed?

Textured wall panels are ideal for almost any application where there is a need to achieve a great surface finish. Starting from restaurants and hotels to offices, retail, leisure or food on the go facilities, these panels can excel almost any type of environment. This increases footfall and user satisfaction.

Types of textured wall panels:

  1. Stonewall panels: The classic, natural appearance of the stone walls make these perfect for hotels and restaurants. These also bring a comfortable feeling, which encourages both the dwell and relaxation time. The varying, uneven texture of these panels adds real visual interest. Besides, on the basis of the selected colours and the placement of lighting, these panels can create different ambiences for different places. The common options include rough, distressed or weathered stone, quarry stone etc.
  2. Brick wall panels: These panels are designed perfectly to suit different types of interior styles starting from very cozy, traditional places to contemporary and light spaces. It is also possible to obtain this type of finish in a lightweight, quick to install and compact system. Some of the most popular options include distressed white, aged red and sandy brown.
  3. Concrete wall panels: These panels are the ideal choice while it comes to make a bold statement. Thus, these are perfect for the latest trend of industrial style interiors that are mostly seen in the modern office spaces and casual restaurants. The contemporary style of these panels adds an added splash of style to the interior. Thus, these work perfectly with artworks, signs and lighting layered on the top.

Benefits that the textured wall panels offer:

  • Textured wall panels are very lightweight
  • These panels are budget-friendly and so these can fit almost any budget.
  • These panels are easy to install
  • These panels are made of high-density polyurethane. This protects these panels against moisture and these panels never rot
  • These panels never crack, wrap or chip
  • These panels are resistant to fungus and mould
  • These panels can even be used with water-based stains and finishes
  • These panels offer amazing sound insulation
  • These panels are non-toxic