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Things You Must Know About Dental Rubber Bands and Braces

by | Apr 4, 2019 | Health

When dentists get adamant on the fact that everyone should visit a dental clinic every six months no matter what the age is, they aren’t doing so for fun. It is true that our teeth undergo a lot of wear and tear daily and getting an orthodontics evaluation done is something very important.

When a child is around 7 or 8 years old, it is then when the best pediatric dentistry in North Jacksonville can gauge whether their teeth are aligned or not. If not, there is a need for braces. There are adults too who have never paid attention to how their teeth look, and it is generally under-bites, over-bites or cross-bites that make them receive braces for correction of their teeth structure.

The need for dental rubber bands

When your child has braces on, there are times when it doesn’t seem to have a major effect on teeth correction and takes too long. That is when the best pediatric dentistry in North Jacksonville makes use of dental rubber bands that creates an added pressure on the braces for it to work and fulfil its purpose. These bands at times need to be worn on the braces all day while some need it only at night when the braces do its actual work of aligning the teeth for it to look good.

Are dental rubber bands present in all braces?

While braces come in different types depending on the complexity involved with the alignment of the teeth, no all of them have elastic bands in place. Braces that have a single wire and not those that have wires tied on each tooth do not need rubber bands as the teeth will be aligned in no time. When the under-bite, overbite, and cross-bite are a way to complicated for best pediatric dentistry in North Jacksonville or a certain tooth needs to be targeted for pulling or pushing it in place, rubber bands are used.

Does the dental rubber band hurt?

When it comes to dental rubber bands, it is something that is tugging at the teeth constantly. It means that it will hurt to a certain extent which can always be relieved with the help of a pain-relieving tablet or probably ice. If things persist post this, it means that either the braces aren’t affixed properly or the rubber bands aren’t in place. That is when your child needs to be at the dental clinic for best pediatric dentistry in Jacksonville Beach who would ensure that things are put in place well and it doesn’t hurt much.

Does the rubber band stay along at night?

Whether your child has it on their teeth all day round or only uses it for a certain period, it is likely that it would stay there for the night. When they sleep, the rubber bands act as a medicine for the teeth and bring it to place. The best pediatric dentistry in Jacksonville Beach agrees that the rest of the times, there is movement as that of talking, eating, drinking, etc. that prevents rectification.

You cannot be over smart

Some think that multiple bands on the braces would allow it to get better in less than the expected time. You are completely wrong. When you do so, you are putting in added effort than required on the teeth, and there are chances of accidents and breakage when there is excessive tugging.