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Things You Must Do Before Selling Your Waterfront Home In South Florida

by | May 9, 2020 | Real Estate

Do you wish to sell your waterfront home in South Florida? So you plan to place your South Florida real estate waterfront home on the market? If you answered yes, then you need to understand that selling a South Florida real estate waterfront home is different from selling a condo, ranch house, or any other property for that matter. 

Placing a waterfront property on the listing has some unique selling points. From the exotic views to all the possible amenities, South Florida real estate waterfront homes have a lot of selling options. In this article, we help you list such selling points that let potential buyers just how great your waterfront home is. So without any delay, here are a few things that you need to consider ensuring a smooth sales process.

Know your buyers

The first and most crucial step is to understand who you are marketing your waterfront home. In many cases, buyers have certain assumptions about what exactly they are looking for. It could be a spectacular view, a private beach, or even a private boat docking. So, you need to reach out to those buyers with a mindset similar to yours, so you can market the same selling points that you were attracted to. 


The price you place on your waterfront property is an essential influencing factor in the sale on your property. Not putting a fair price for your home might make it sit on the market. The longer a home sits on the market, the buyers assume that there must be something wrong with it. But if you are pricing too low, you are missing out on better opportunities, so you must be careful to price it right. 

Your real estate agent can also prepare a comparative market analysis to set the best price for your home. You should, therefore, take into consideration your property’s situation and what it offers in comparison to the competition. Here are a few other factors that impact the pricing of your waterfront home. 


Some South Florida real estate waterfront homes are part of a community that comes with HOA or Homeowner Association fees. These fees account for the use of the community’s pool, gym, clubhouse, and more. 

Waterfront Size

The size of the waterfront impacts the selling price as well.  For example, if your buyers are looking for waterfront homes that let them dock a boat, then they’ll want a waterfront that’s large enough to do so.


The location of your waterfront home also plays a massive part in choosing a listing price. However, location becomes even more critical when selling your waterfront home. 


A frontage is basically the width of the lot that your property sits on. The wider the frontage that your home has, the higher is the listing price. 

Home inspection

At times buyers conduct a home inspection as part of their due diligence before closing on a purchase. However, you can get ahead of any potential deal breakers by doing your investigation prior to listing.

You must perform a detailed home inspection. It is essential to understand the condition of your waterfront home before putting it up for sale. Such an inspection will highlight areas that need minor repairs accompanied by pictures of the same. 

Set up entertainment spaces

You can stage your entertainment spaces to will help potential buyers visualize themselves in the house. This is quite simple; you can set a big dining room with a long table, cozy chairs, and elegant cutlery. This will give the buyers the chance to visualize the lifestyle they can lead if they buy your home. 

Have all documents in order

It will be highly beneficial if you collect all the paperwork that pertains to your home and put them in one place. These can include previous appraisals, surveys, permits for remodeling or additions, safety inspections, receipts for replacements of appliances, and receipts for repairs done are all great examples of supporting documentation. 


The process of selling a South Florida waterfront real estate home is very time-consuming. So you need to be patient when you are looking for the right buyer for your home. A waterfront home is not the same as a traditional home, and it may take time to find interested clients.