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Things You May Not Know About Recycled Asphalt Millings

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Construction

Asphalt is known as one of the most recycled items available on this planet. And as we keep on using, reusing, and recycling this item in different ways, it helps us to decrease the environmental strain on mother earth. Asphalt is widely used for paving projects and recycled asphalt is often used as asphalt millings, which are gravel-like materials with some wonderful features like low maintenance, low cost, and adaptability to the inclement weather.

But before you know about the use of recycled asphalt milling or R.A.M, you must know a few more things about this material. Recycled asphalt milling or R.A.M is old asphalt milled into gravel and these are bind/harden together while compacted. Besides, R.A.M is also the best type of gravel that can be exposed for a long time. And while the R.A.M is covered with the sprayed-on application of the liquid asphalt; it starts binding back together. But R.A.M would never get hardened as it takes time for the hot asphalt to get hard. Therefore, it will make the asphalt millings perfect for areas like farm lane, parking lot, and driveway.

Use of recycled asphalt millings:

The main use of recycled asphalt milling is in the paving. These days, almost all the roadways are made of asphalt. Besides, there is also a growing market for pavements made of recycled asphalt. The best thing about these millings is that these can be used easily on the roads that have aged past. Here the roads are repaved with either virgin or recycled asphalt milling. After that, the roads can be refilled with recycled materials. Considering the popularity of these millings, businesses and individuals are also using recycled asphalt millings now for paving their private drive-ways.

Benefits of recycled asphalt millings:

  1. Environmentally conscious: These days, almost all the roadways in Australia are covered with asphalt. And reusing this material instead of brewing fresh batches decreases the total level of energy consumed during production. As asphalt is not biodegradable, therefore recycled asphalt milling is a wonderful way to go green.
  2. Great bonding qualities: The recycled asphalt also includes some tar in it. Therefore, recycled asphalt aggregates bond together while compact and wet unlike other kinds of loose-fill roadway materials. And this allows creating a semi-permanent roadway that remains intact as well as can minimize dirt and dust.
  3. Affordability: While it comes to completing paving projects, R.A.M is cheaper than the virgin asphalt. As asphalt is created mostly with oil, therefore the cost differences between the new and recycled asphalt millings can be staggering.
  4. Appearance: Apart from being durable and affordable, the roads that are surfaced with recycled asphalt milling are highly attractive. And the look and feel of the roads is a blend between an asphalt surface and a beautiful gravel surface. This type of unique appearance is highly preferred by the property owners, who want to make their properties stand out from other properties in the area.
  5. Percolation: Roads that are surfaced with R.A.M hold up well in snow and rain. Due to the well percolating nature, this material prevents flooding and pooling on the road.