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Things You Know Should Prior To Building A Granny Flat

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Business, Construction

Granny flats are an excellent addition to any existing property, particularly if you want extra room around your house, somewhere for your kids or people to stay, or simple investment property. This utterly self-contained home extension is built on the same land as your main home and can share the backyard area, or you can fence a section off in your yard. If you are thinking about adding this smaller home to your house, it is best to spend some time researching to avoid some of the common pitfalls. Therefore, there are essential details you need to understand before building a granny flat in Hornsby.

Can I put one in my backyard?

It is a common question, and there is not much information out there that helps you understand what is involved. The first thing you need to check when building a granny flat is that you have enough space for the unit to fit in your backyard. Measure the area you intend to develop, draw a sketch, measure all boundaries, fences, pools, house, trees, and mark it down. While this seems like a complicated process, it will make things much easier later on when choosing your flat design. Bear in mind that the councils have some rules regarding building a granny flat.

Council Regulations  

There are separate buildings and planning regulations for the construction of granny flats in your backyard. Councils have different rules. There are different overlays on each property, so it is best if you call or visit your board. You will need to talk to both the building department and the planning department. Building departments are more concerned with the structure and positioning of the actual flat, which is why a building permit is required. The planning department is more concerned with overlays and will grant a building permit if necessary.

Since building permits are a requirement for all granny flats in Hornsby, they should automatically have this service at the end price of your apartment. However, town planning is not for all, so this will not be part of the price, but the company you are going with should also be able to offer it.

Choosing a company

And now you know that you should start searching for someone to start building a granny flat in your backyard, but who? Start by looking at designs that fit your needs; some companies will let you design your unit if you cannot find out what you are viewing. Looking at the plans, look for simple layouts, the simpler, the more affordable the design, make sure you have enough room in the rooms and work through the list to find that it includes everything you need. You might even consider building a smaller home yourself or finding a company that sells granny flats kits, as these will be prefabricated and cost-saving.

When it comes to rates, make sure that the construction permit, home warranty policies, plans, and requirements, and the unit and installation are part of your granny flat.