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Things to remember while building a granny flat!

by | May 15, 2019 | Construction

Granny flats are growing in numbers in our Australian cities because buying and renting a property is getting costly. These granny flats provide answers to many of our urban residential problems. There are many benefits of building cheap granny flats in western Sydney. We present you with some tips about building a granny flat

Know The Potential

When you believe that moving homes and paying heavy taxes and real estate agent fees is your only way to gain more space, think again. You are able to unlock space in your present home by the right design and right team of engineers, designers and builders from cheap granny flats western Sydney. If you have unused garage space or garden area you can simply turn that into a granny flat. This will help you to increase your property value.


Before starting their project, try to get the best option for cheap granny flats in western Sydney. Try to understand the needs for a perfect granny flat. Try to make it self-sufficient and ready to face tough weather in Australia. Make your budget try to stick to it. Also, building a granny flat will cost you. So, try to get finance experts to take a look at your budget.

Patience! Patience! Patience!

Usually cheap granny flats western Sydney works on a tight Budget. So, in some cases, work may need more than the proposed time. So, like any other construction project, the granny flat also demands patience. Delays in permission from local authorities are usually the main reason behind delays in project work.


The biggest challenge for constructors at cheap granny flats western Sydney is to find a way to include a kitchen and bathroom into the granny flat. Proper research and planning with the help from cheap granny flats western Sydney will make your plumbing solution easier. If your budget permits, keep a kitchenette and a bathroom in your granny flat. You could rent that at some point or it self-sufficiency when elderly relatives move in. This also provides you privacy.


Maintain simple and light looking natural light maximized with fans in the sidewalk and in an internal staircase leading to the flat. Design your windows such that it can provide you with enough light with proper ventilation. The ceiling height is also a key in cheap granny flats western Sydney. It provides a sense of space and flow. Keep simple and streamlined with white walls, light tables, and furniture.

Design your furniture in a way that it can serve as a multipurpose unit. A bed that has a huge storage space and it can be used as a sofa. A working table which can also be used as a dining table. Check cheap granny flats western Sydney for such space saving ideas.


One of the major reasons for constructing a granny’s flat is to maintain privacy. Try to provide separate access to the Granny flat. Make the apartment easy to reach with access between the flat and the main building. Make sure that screens and leaves are used to separate outside spaces.

Remember the above things while planning a granny flat and consult cheap granny flats western Sydney for queries.