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Things To Consider When Purchasing Stone Water Features!

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Furniture

If you have unused outdoor spaces, adding stone water features can be an excellent option to your lawns, gardens, decks. They make for an elegant, pleasant atmosphere from the water streaming, just as adding an intriguing focal point to your outdoors. Adding stone water features are simpler to set up in your outdoor spaces. However, before you purchase one, look at the primary concerns you should contemplate before finalising them.

Water supply: The odds are you mostly will not require a steady water supply. Modern stone water features are independent, so the water gets circulated using pumps. You may have to change the water from time to time. 

Sound: Before you purchase a stone water feature, ensure you pay attention to your water flow to provide you with its sound. Once placed, you would hear the sound continuously, so if you don’t like the sound, it might get irritating! Ensure you pick a sound that suits your preferences impeccably! Nothing too heavy nor too faint would be the ideal choice.

Need of a powerpoint: If your stone water feature has continuous moving water, you will most likely need a power supply to run the pump, except if the pump is solar powered. There will be a water supply connected to a pump that moves water up the feature. The water then falls back down into the water pool, and the same process continues.

Cleaning requirements: Stone water features will require cleaning after some period. Water will get mixed with the environmental dust and begin to smell a little, particularly throughout the colder time of year.  Ask the store or the installer how to drain the water and properly clean the stone water feature. 

Placement of the water feature: The arrangement of your new stone water feature in your outdoor spaces is of high importance. When you are searching for the ideal spot, contemplate what’s close by. If it’s under a tree or close to a shrub, for instance, it’s probably going to get loads of leaves falling into it, especially in the pre-winter months, so that they will require regular cleaning. 

The finish: The finishing of the water feature significantly affects how your fountain will look. Look out for various designs and shades that will suit your specific outdoor areas much better than others. Concrete and stone natural features usually don’t require as much consideration as some others as they will easily mix into the environment far better. Bronze and copper water features give something unique for your outdoor spaces, making a more modern-day, contemporary feel for your outdoors. However, they can require more maintenance than other water features. In general, the finish of your water feature is thoroughly down to individual inclination and the style of outdoor spaces that you wish to make. 

Add some lighting: If you need your stone water features to make an exquisite impact, you should try adding lighting to them. This also means you can enjoy the fountain during the night as well. Some manufacturers can help you with custom inbuilt lights, or you could attach them yourself if you know how to get them done. If you have the stone water features in sight of the house, this will look great all year long.

Children’s safety: If you have small children or youngsters, ensure you think about their security first. You may never know what may happen with children around open water bodies. So it’s ideal to purchase a water feature that does not expose water. 

Maintenance: It’s better to look after your stone water feature regularly. Though the upkeep for stone water features is less than other designs, try to maintain them for every seasonal change. Check the pump working, watercolour, interior pipes and stone covering. During winter, it might be preferred that the water is completely drained; this will help enhance the life of your water feature.

Ideal placement: It’s a lot simpler to get a stone water feature to look great if it’s put in among plants and flowers instead of just as a focal point for your outdoors. Settled among the plants, it doesn’t make any difference if the stone water features are too large or small as they will blend in naturally.

Hoping the above pointers will make it much easier for you to get your ideal stone water features placed and maintained. Now add value to your property by installing quality stone water features that will surely add to the elegance of your outdoors.