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Things To Consider When Purchasing A Fridge Truck Body

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Commercial

Refrigerator trucks are a necessity for any foodservice business, and finding the perfect fridge truck body for sale can be difficult. There are many factors that go into choosing a refrigerated truck body, but not all of them will apply to your needs. No matter what product is being transported, all refrigerated van bodies have the same goal in mind: to ensure that the product is acceptable to the destination, refrigerated truck bodies maintain exact temperatures throughout the transportation process. If the temperature fluctuates excessively over an extended period of time, both the customer and the carrier will suffer greatly as a result.

 If you’re looking for a new fridge truck body for sale, here are a few things to keep in mind before making your purchase.

 Don’t Skimp on Necessary Things

 While it may be tempting to take shortcuts here and there in order to keep expenses down, strive to avoid doing so if at all possible. Don’t be concerned about a smaller initial outlay of funds. If you choose a less insulated box, for example, you may find that your lifespan and operating expenses are higher in the long run. If you want to save money, don’t cut corners by using smaller refrigeration units or less insulation. Ultimately, you’ll wind up spending more money in the long term.

 Consider to Check for a Proper Airflow

 Cargo damage and uneven cooling may occur as a consequence of insufficient airflow in a fully loaded truck as a result of under-specification. Proper ventilation may help to ensure that your product cools evenly throughout. The choice of floor is very important in this situation. The optimum airflow for your product may also be decided by whether it is loaded in boxes, milk-type crates, or pallets, among other factors.

 Measurements Should be Checked

 Check to see that the vehicle chassis specifications and the body measurements are not out of sync with one another. Before ordering the chassis, make sure the back of the truck’s frame height is correct. The truck’s total height requirements cannot be more than the box’s height requirements. Before speculation or looking for a fridge truck body for sale, make certain that it is compatible with the specifications.

 Consider Using Power Interruption Switches

 Every time the lid of a refrigerated box is opened, warm air and humidity are drawn into the box’s main body. The blower is responsible for removing the chilled air. This results in inefficiencies that threaten the product’s ability to maintain appropriate temperatures while also placing additional strain on the refrigeration unit. The use of a power interrupt switch may alleviate this issue. When the door is opened, the blowers should automatically turn off.

 Choose the Appropriate Door

 Many fleet managers think that hinged doors are less convenient to operate than roll-up doors since they are more difficult to open and close. With roll-up doors, on the other hand, there is a gradual loss of insulation over time. As a result, extra considerations will need to be taken in order to account for the reduction in insulating value. 

 Prioritise Insulation

 Thorough knowledge of the effect of insulation on the performance of a refrigerated van is required before you look for a fridge truck body for sale. There are no words to adequately explain how essential good insulation is. If you decrease the installation by one or two inches in order to fit pallets side-by-side, you may not be able to keep the product frozen since you will not have adequate insulation. We’ve previously spoken about how essential it is to maintain your goods at the correct temperature throughout their lifespan.