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Things To Consider For Commercial Concrete Flooring

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Construction

There are certain design requirements with regards to the residential concrete slabs which the contractor needs to fulfil for completing the project. If the contractor is aware of the duties and the customer needs then surely there will not be an issue. But for the safer side, it is always better to have knowledge from your end as well about the same. In the case of residential projects, there is a minimum concrete compressive strength needed. But, when it comes to Commercial Concrete Flooring, the design requirement changes along with the contract documents.

Given below are some crucial things associated with commercial concrete flooring which you must be aware of. This would save you time and valuable money. Besides, you will be able to make the right decision as well. Remember, getting everything clear in the pre-construction meeting is important. It can bring a lot of difference between failure and success. 

Understanding About The Subbase Material And Base Material:

The preparation need has to be especially said along with the vapour retarder location if it is needed. This will ensure the possibility of any confusion will be less.

  • Thickness Of The Concrete:

This is another important thing you need to keep in mind. Always remember, it is a designer who understands the thickness depending on the subbase along with the anticipated loads. It is the crucial design decision that needs to be made. The concrete compressive can be either flexural, strength or not. 

  • Proportion Requirements:

With regards to the commercial concrete flooring proportion requirements, you must consider certain factors that include which type of material should be used, what are the admixtures allowable and also the water cementations materials if there are any.

  • Reinforcement:

It is important to mention the location and type of Reinforcement. This shall include how it needs to be positioned at the time of construction. Make sure you are aware of the grade of the slabs mentioned on the metal deck. It is important for the reinforcement to ensure the crack width is determined and controlled accordingly.

  • Treatment Of The Surface:

You need to also discuss the commercial concrete flooring surface whether it needs to be more durable. In case your durability expectation is not met at par then the designer will surely advise you some more mineral or the metallic surface hardens. Along with this comes the surface finishing as well. For the commercial flowing, a hard trowelled surface is the important finishing source. But you need to be aware of the air which may enter the concrete as often the hard towelling can often lead to the delaminated surfaces.

  • Bearable:

The tolerance is specified by the Standard Specification ACI 117 for tolerating the concrete construction and materials as well. This also comes with the subbase tolerance and even the surface finishing with the thickness of the slab.

These are just a few of the things mentioned. But remember, you need to always make the decision to consider all the factors for a better outcome.