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Things To Consider Before Buying A Sofa From A Sofa Store In Sydney

by | May 2, 2022 | Furniture

Buying a sofa for your living space is considered a significant investment you are likely to make for your home. The sofa is like only a piece of furniture in a living room, but there are many things to consider before investing in a sofa store in Sydney. Right from taking the appropriate measurement to selecting a good frame, a few things must be considered before buying a sofa.

Try before buying:

When you buy a new mattress, you perform an age-old bottom test. The same theory goes for buying sofas from a sofa store in Sydney. The average depth of a sofa seat is 60cm, giving ample room to move if you have longer legs and can easily tuck under the sofa if you have shorter legs. The seat height of the sofa varies between 45cm-50cm. So, before buying, you must ensure that it suits every family member. If you prefer to lie on your sofa, make sure that it is long enough to stretch out. Taller people might consider buying a sofa with a higher back as it offers extra support.

Check the cushion:

It would help if you remembered that what is inside the sofa is as important as what is used outside. When it comes to the sofa seat and back, cushions filled with feathers are highly comfortable. But it requires regular plumping, whereas fiber fillings or foam might flatten out and lose their shape with time. Thus, choosing a cushion filled with feathers and foam is the perfect option as the foam gives structure and the feather gives squish. Hence seat cushions filled with fiber or foam and back cushions filled with feathers work well.

Focus on the fabric:

Whether you select neutral or bold colours or patterns, your selection of upholstery fabric will have a vast impact on the room. Thus, you must select carefully to ensure that it goes with your scheme. Natural material tends to fade in sunlight, so you must go for synthetic fabric in sofa store Sydney if you plan to keep the sofa near the window. If you have a furry baby at home, opting for a fabric that can be cleaned easily is the ultimate option. In this case, loose cushion covers are the best solution as they can be removed for cleaning purposes and are washable also.

Measure up:

There is nothing worse than buying furniture which does not fit in your home. So before you proceed to sofa store Sydney, you must take proper measurements of the space where you will place the sofa. The passage through which you will take the sofa to the living space must be measured accurately. It is because there must not be any damage to your chosen piece of furniture and you must-not be heartbroken during the time of delivery of the furniture that it is unable to make its space through the stairways and doorways. You can also customize your sofa depending on the space of your house and customization really works.