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TheOneSpy mobile screen recording software review 2020

by | Apr 22, 2020 | IT & Technology

The monitoring and tracking applications have taken a significant toll on us. In the past few years, these applications have skyrocketed their performance. They have been of great use for the people who are worried about their kids and their family or even the employers who are looking for a reliable application to monitor their employees. TheOneSpy application is one of those monitoring and tracking applications that have blown out people with their performance and the incredible functioning of the software. There has been a new addition to TheOneSpy application features. The mobile screen recorder is a new feature that people are using and exploring. And it will be right to say that this feature has changed the working ethics in the offices and also saved a lot of kids from damaging their personality.

You must be thinking that how TheOneSpy mobile recording software does help people to such an extent. We will help you understand the way it has been assisting people all around the world, and you can also take benefits of TheOneSpy App.

How does it work?

It is effortless to use The One Spy app because of the small and straightforward user interface that allows everyone to use the application easily. 

  • The main thing that you need to do very first is to pick a plan that you want to use and then download the application in the targeted device. Meanwhile, you will also get the welcome email from The One Spy app team that will help you with the access of the control panel.
  • Remember, you can record the screen and capture the screen of the camera and capture a video as well. You can also have access to about 40+ applications that are downloaded on the phone. You can also capture the screen of the contacts and the call log to see who has been calling a particular person. 
  • Remember, all this functioning will happen remotely, so the user of the targeted device will not know that the device is being monitored and tracked.

Should you pick TheOneSpy app for the monitoring purpose?

Why you are trying to monitor and track a particular person, be it your employee, your kid even your wife, you need to have a specific and reliable application that can help you with that. TheOneSpy app will be your reliable partner to track and monitor the functioning and the performance of a particular person remotely. This application works hidden, so the user of the targeted device will not understand or know about the activities that are going on in the phone. The pricing and plans are even incredible. You can pick between the monthly quarterly your annual pricing. There are two different versions of TheOneSpy app are available.

Moreover, you will also enjoy using the easy interface of TheOneSpy app that lets you use the application without any bumps and bugs. This TheOneSpy application comes with numerous other features as well that you can explore for better monitoring and tracking of a particular person. 

Why would you like TheOneSpy app?

There a lot of features that make TOS the best option for phone trackers and monitoring. Do you want to know what features are there that are yet to explore? Well, here you will get to know what else you can try with TheOneSpy App.

Control activity remotely

You can access and control the activity of the device remotely without any hustle to make it the perfect monitoring option available. The control panel lets you use the app remotely on the targeted device.

Location tracking

There is something else that you need to explore. The location tracking feature of the TOS app will let you know the location of the particular person using the targeted device in a much easier way.

360 live-streaming

The live-streaming option of The One Spy app lets you check the surrounding of the targeted device by using the rear and front camera. This live-streaming option of the TOS will do wonders for you.


You can utilize the mobile screen recorder of TheOneSpy app for better productivity and to protect your kids. There are a lot more features of TheOneSpy app that you can use in the most successful manner.