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The Subtle Risks of Receiving Emergency Towing in Wentworthville – What do Car Owners Need to Be Aware Of? 

by | Jun 19, 2021 | Towing Services

Summary – If motorists don’t select the best providers of emergency towing in Wentworthville, they could face some major risks. 

When vehicle owners run into accidents on the roadways, they rely on experts of emergency towing in Wentworthville to help get them out of these situations. These towing experts help countless vehicle owners every year. However, not everything about the towing industry is perfect. Unfortunately, the towing industry is full of unsolicited towing companies. 

These substandard towing professionals take advantage of the vehicle owners misfortune by charging them excessive fees, not maintaining their vehicles properly, etc. That’s why, before agreeing to pay for an emergency tow truck near me, vehicle owners need to assess the potential risks that they face. 

1) The Risks of Working with Tow Trucks:

Tow truck drivers are highly skilled professionals who help countless vehicle owners. Unfortunately, the vehicles they drive are huge and can present various dangers to other people in the street. Tow trucks are used for transporting heavy vehicles. Hence, these vehicles are very large and heavy themselves. 

  • Making Turns is Extremely Difficult with these Vehicles – Professional providers of emergency towing in Wentworthville use vehicles that weigh three to four times more than standard passenger cars. These massive trucks tend to make extremely wide turns. During these turns, they can swing out into adjacent travel lanes and clash with other vehicles on the road. The towing trucks typically don’t face too much damage during such clashes as they’re extremely strong and sturdy. However, the cars these vehicles transport could get damaged during these wide turns. 
  • Drivers Not Being Able to View the Road Clearly – All vehicles come with blind spots. In fact, the larger the vehicle, the more blind spots it’ll have. If the tow truck driver cannot see his or her rear or side-view mirrors properly, it could lead to unnecessary collisions with other vehicles. 
  • Stopping the Car Can be a Hassle – Large tow trucks require more distances for stopping/braking. In fact, heavier vehicles need to cover a lot of distance before they can stop safely. Since most tow trucks used by professional providers of emergency towing in Wentworthville weigh over 10,000 pounds, these vehicles almost always need to cover more distances before stopping safely. In normal situations, these extra distances don’t matter. But, when the tow truck driver is operating on icy or wet roads, stopping the vehicle can be extremely challenging.

2) How to Avoid these Risks?

These are some of the common hazards associated with all types of large trucks. To make sure these inherent risks with tow trucks don’t impact their cars’ safety, car owners who need an emergency tow truck near me must –

  • Make sure that the tow truck company they partner with employs trained drivers.
  • The tow truck company must have hundreds (if not more) of successful transportation projects under its belt.
  • The tow truck professionals must have proper licenses to operate professionally. 

Driving tow trucks is an extremely dangerous profession. Car owners must avoid tow truck companies that prioritize speed over safety. Car owners must also do their best to ensure the safety of the emergency workers working on their vehicles on roadsides.