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The Most Effective Carpet-Cleaning Tips From Pros

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Business

Every carpet is subject to stains, spills, accidents, drops, and anything that’s on the soles of shoes. So, keeping your carpet clean may seem like a challenge at times. Hence, learning a few secrets to keep carpets clean may be the way to go!

Tips for a stain-free carpet

  1. Do not rub blot stains

People having expensive carpets in their homes must know that rubbing a blot stain is only going to make it penetrate the carpet’s fabric. So, one should dab stains with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth. If you do not have clean cloth at your disposal, then a paper towel or a sponge can be used as well.

The key is to blot since blotting puts slight pressure on the stain and soaks it up. Make it a point to always blot from the outside inward. It is because blotting in the outward direction will only spread the stain.

  1. The club soda technique

Many people know that club soda is quite useful for removing beer and wine stains. Dab some soda on a clean cloth and use it to blot the area. Another alternative is to mix one-part water with one-part white vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture on the stain and let it soak for about 10-15 minutes.

Now, dab a clean sponge on the affected area and soak up the solution and the stain. Repeat the process to eradicate the stain. Rinse the area with warm water and brush the carpet strands in their natural direction. At last, spread white paper towels over the area and place something heavy on it to absorb the moisture from the carpet. One can also purchase carpet cleaning machines for sale since the devices help dry out carpets quickly. They can also be used to vacuum carpets and keep them dust-free.

  1. Shaving cream

There isn’t a better carpet cleaner for general stains than shaving cream. It helps remove almost any kind of stain. All you need to do is use the shaving cream right away on the stains and leave it to soak for about half an hour. Next, blot it away with a dry white cloth. After that, spray the vinegar-water solution and wipe it away with a cloth.

  1. Freeze-dried chewing gum

It happens so often that your child drops chewing gum on the carpet. To make matters worse, you accidentally end up stepping on the gum. Now, there is only one real way of getting that mess off your carpet.

Grab a couple of ice cubes from the freezer and freeze the gum for about 30 seconds. Use a spoon to lift the frozen chewing gum and cut the carpet strands as close to the gum as possible.

  1. Dishwasher detergent for grease removal

Greasy stains are the hardest to remove. However, using two drops of dishwashing detergent can effectively remove such a stain. Mix the drops of detergent in a cup of water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the stain and dab it with a sponge. Repeat the process until the stain disappears.

So, follow the simple yet effective steps and have a fresh and clean carpet for years to come.