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The Great Advantages Of Frameless Pool Fencing In Sydney

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Home Improvement

Only the sky’s the limit when it comes to your home space. The fact is that your home space is full of facilities from modern furniture to shelves. Still, there have been many more features adding to the beauty and functionality of your home space. This is all about the interior. As for the exterior, you have a different world altogether. Apart from beautiful natural surroundings, you have other great features like a swimming pool in the vicinity. Speaking of a pool, there have been strict rules and regulations with respect to safety. When you have a swimming pool in the vicinity, it is mandatory to have a huge fence set up around the pool. The so-called pool fencing will act as a safety barrier – as part of safety protocols. That said, there have been various types of pool fencing. Likewise, frameless pool fencing Sydney is nothing but the one that has no joints as such. Instead, it has seamless glass panels. Made from high-quality glass panels, its bottom has steel hinges attached to the ground. Incidentally, Sydney has been witnessing a spurt in the use of frameless pool fencing. Most people in Sydney have been using frameless pool fencing in their backyard. That apart, the following are some more details related to the application of frameless pool fencing along with other important information as described below:

  • Speaking of pool fencing, it may be made from materials like steel, aluminium and glass to name a few.
  • In Australia, pool fencing should comply with the Australian Standard for Swimming Pool Fencing. 
  • Plus pool fencing should be 1200 mm in height. Say no to the presence of climbable materials around the area.
  • Here the big idea is to protect children from a dangerous fall into the pool.
  • Above all, to strengthen security measures, there has been a provision for a door system with child safety locks.

Well, these are all details related to the idea of frameless pool fencing.

Good Benefits From Frameless Pool Fencing

The following are some more details related to the benefits of frameless pool fencing as explained below:

  • Adding to the beauty quotient: Thanks to elegance and style, frameless pool fencing can be seen in luxurious places. While in the pool, you can have a clear view of the world outside thanks to the transparency of frameless pool fencing. 
  • Keeping tabs on your kids with great ease: Thanks to transparent panels, you will be able to observe your kids at a distance from the pool.
  • Strong & sturdy: Frameless pool fencing is strong and sturdy by design. It will be able to withstand external threats like weather and wind.

The Use Of Semi Frameless Pool Fencing

First off, semi-frameless pool fencing features a set of glass balustrades and metal posts giving you the view of frameless pool fencing. Mostly made from glass, stainless steel and aluminium, its presence will add to the style and strength of your home space and surroundings. The following are some more features of semi-frameless pool fencing:

  • Providing a clear view of the backyard.
  • High levels of style and affordability
  • Easy maintenance

Making The Best Of Frameless Pool Fencing

With stunning features and benefits, the addition of frameless pool fencing will strengthen the overall functionality of your home space apart from being elegant and stunning.

Way to go indeed!