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The Dos and Don’ts of Landscaping

by | Jun 30, 2019 | Business

Do you know what the advantages of learning the dos and don’ts of landscaping are? You can step up your DIY game for sure! On top of that, you can even ensure that the professional landscapers hired by you are actually delivering services worth what you have paid for! With a proper checklist ready at hand – you will be able to figure out whether or not the professionals are actually doing the job right. So, here is a look at the dos and don’ts of landscaping in Hills district

Dos of Landscaping

What are the things that landscapers must do? Here is a look at the list of things that you must do if you’re actually looking forward to a successful landscaping project.

Do Start with a Plan

  • Proper planning is at the heart of a successful landscaping project. Planning should ideally include all these aspects:
  • Budget
  • Deciding what you are investing in (design and construction or landscape management or garden management and so on)
  • Curb Appeal

You just cannot think of initiating the project without a plan even if you are actually thinking of undertaking the project in phases. You aren’t required to resort to plant-by-plant detailing. However, know where you’re planning your hardscape.

Do think long-term

An experienced landscaper in Hills District would always want always advise you against investing all your attention in short-term goals. Today, you might as well be too excited to plant too many plants at the same time. However, you should ideally never plant trees without really estimating the mature size of the plant.

Do think beyond your lawn

It is definitely not advisable on your part to think only about your lawn. Instead of planning virtual stretches of the lush green make sure you are considering the reduction of the size of the lawn as well as landscape beds.

Don’ts of Landscaping

Just as it is important to know everything that you must consider for landscaping – it is equally important to find out whatever you should never do!

Don’t be consumed by trends

If a landscaper is focusing too much on trends even for a permanent element in the landscape then you might as well consider pitching in with your expertise. As per experts, using trendy hues on stuff like tiles and other enduring features of the landscape, you are unwittingly resorting to the fastest route of rendering them dated.

Don’t let vines overpower your landscape design

It wouldn’t really advisable for you to let your vines run amuck! Vines definitely add visual interest to your property. However, if not restrained, they might as well end up covering windows, gutters and more. What more? They end up attracting a lot of pests, especially termites.

Never choose multiple plants for centre-stage

The moment you end up investing in a mix of plants as the mainstay of your garden, the landscape with a layer of different colours actually ends up with a more dated look instead of a more contemporary one. So! Be on your guard!