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The Best Designs And Storage Solutions For A Tall Kitchen Pantry!

by | Sep 3, 2021 | Kitchen renovations

Your storage room is the one spot in your kitchen that will probably transform into a mess sooner rather than later. As for where you store food, utensils, cloth, supplies, and sometimes some cleaning chemicals, it can become a magnet for confusion without much of a stretch. There’s such a lot of messiness around that you have no clue about where to discover what you need, and at times you could even wind up purchasing more items than usual since everything’s so disordered. As a high traffic region in your kitchen, it requires proper planning to keep your tall kitchen pantry mess-free. Here’s the way to plan and utilise a tall kitchen pantry

Tall Kitchen Pantry Design Considerations:

Your storage room should be planned to keep your family’s necessities and your way of cooking as a primary concern. Therefore think carefully about your kitchen pantry designs: 

  • How frequently do you purchase food? (on the off chance that it’s one time each week, you need to store enough supplies for seven days). 
  • What amount of extra room is accessible in your kitchen or near it for simple access? 
  • What are the things that you will store? (food, apparatuses for food prep, transitory things, utensils, cloth, whatever else).
  • What are the storage designs that you plan on? (Wooden or wired shelves, open or shut racking, drawers, cupboards, and so forth). 
  • Will you store appliances like your OTG, blender processor, oven and coffee machine here? 

When you have the answers to these questions, you will realise how much space you need and what style of tall kitchen pantry you should be designing. 

Types of kitchen pantries that you can go with:

Tall Kitchen Pantry Unit: 

A tall unit offers the most distant finish for your kitchen cabinets and functions admirably as a closed storage unit. You can utilise fixed shelves or pull-out drawers as the best options to store food, pickles, flavours and toppings. 


This storeroom style is high on utility, and you will see it’s simple to sort out the items in it. If you are not the individual who consistently keeps things clean, this is the perfect choice for you as the shut screens will conceal any mess. 


If the unit is deep, you could find it a tad bit difficult to arrive at the things at the rear of the rack. Utilising pull-out drawers will address this issue as the put-out drawers will slide directly out.

Open Pantry:

If you don’t do a ton of cooking, an open storage space with only a couple of racks will function admirably for your spaces. Make use of decoratives such as pots and jugs that are colour coordinated, look pretty, and help the shelves look organised at the best height. 


An open pantry can add a significant amount of aesthetic value, particularly for a country-style kitchen. 


If the racks are not maintained, your kitchen will look messy. Open shelves require a good amount of upkeep for the best looks. 

Walk-In Pantry:

In case you’re fortunate enough to have adequate room for a walk-in pantry, you can coordinate how you need with completely loaded shelves on one or the other side. 


If you have an adequate room, you can arrange your ideal dream storage space here. This style of tall kitchen pantry can join usefulness with an elegant feel, high functionality and how you would need storage space. 


The only one is that you require ample space to get the best result. 

The Latest Tall Kitchen Pantry Design Trends:

  1. Separate Tall Kitchen Pantry Room:

Nowadays, kitchens have incorporated independent, loaded pantry kitchens that are adjoining the main kitchen space. These storage spaces will be all around ventilated, coordinated spaces fitted to perfection like Lazy Susans. You can get a separate glass and plate racks, just as vertical and even horizontal shelves for stacking cereal, grains and dry food. There could be a different rack for putting away pickles, sauces and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

  1. A Tall Kitchen Pantry Along an Entire Wall:

Another design trend is the kitchen pantry being run along the entire wall of the kitchen. It will have separate racks for smaller glasses, a wine rack, a fitted fridge for cold storage and shelves of differing statues to store other storage items. 

  1. A Rustic Tall Kitchen Pantry:

The Industrial design is making its return, and having a rustic rack with a metal casing offers basic and maximum functionality. The shelves can be flexible statures, which helps you with custom adjustable heights for storage as per requirements. 

  1. Get some customised jars for your tall kitchen pantry: 

Notwithstanding the style of tall kitchen pantry you pick, by altering the containers, you will change the looks of your kitchen pantry in a split second. Use glass jars that have been marked, ceramic containers and canisters to amp up the stylish allure of your kitchen pantry.

Hoping the above pointers will help you design your ideal tall kitchen pantry that will make optimum use of your kitchen spaces for excellent storage facilities.