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The Beauty Of Frameless Sydney Glass Fencing

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Home Improvement

All the pool owners in Australia have to follow certain safety rules to enjoy a nice swim in their own places. If you own a pool, you have to get a fence around it for preventing any unsupervised access by young children or pets. But while this pool fencing is pretty important for keeping the kids safe, it does not mean that the fence will be an eyesore. If you are able to select the perfect Sydney glass fencing option, then you will not just keep your kids safe but will maintain the aesthetic beauty of your place as well.

The difference between frameless and framed fencing options:

All the traditional pool fencing options are made using aluminium or steel bars and will give out that cage-like vibe. That’s why people are more into Sydney glass fencing these days. Instead of obscuring the pool’s view with bars, this glass fencing option will offer that unobstructed view to make the pool one stylish focal centre of your place.

  • As you can understand from the name itself, the framed Sydney glass fencing is made using panes of glass, which remain secured in place by the aluminium posts or the stainless steel option along sides and tops. So, that will offer an aesthetic appearance than those metal bars.
  • Then you have the frameless glass fencing, which will take this one step further. Made using panes of toughened glass secured at the bottom discreetly by spigots or pin fixed stand-offs, these frameless options won’t have any posts. So, the Sydney glass fencing frameless option will create an illusion of there no barrier at all.

Why more people are into frameless glass fencing option these days:

Apart from being practically invisible, the frameless Sydney glass fencing will come across multiple benefits, which make them better than the traditional or the framed glass pool fences.

  • Due to its unobstructed view, it becomes a lot easier to keep an eye on your kids from a safe distance. Whether you are in the pool and your kids are playing in the backyard, or they are in the pool, you can always keep an eye on them.
  • Sometimes, the hyper-energetic children can easily climb over the traditional pool fences, which is enough to cause some accidents. Well, you can’t say the same with the glass fencing option at all. These frameless options are very difficult to just climb over.
  • Don’t forget the high-end durability of these frameless glass options. These glass panes are mainly 12mm thick and heated to over 700 degrees C during their production procedure. So, the glass panes become so strong that they can be dropped on the concrete without any sign of breaking.
  • Moreover, the frameless Sydney glass fencing is completely compliant as you will receive these options from a reputed supplier only. So, the fencing will be compliant with the Australian safety standards.

So, waste no time further and get yourself the frameless glass fencing now. You won’t regret the matter at all!