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The Beauty Of Double Monuments For Your Use Now

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Business

Also known as companion monuments, the Double Monuments or markers are the finest examples of modern monument work. Here, you will come across one headstone that will mark two burial plots, located next to one another. These memorials are primarily used for a husband and his wife but can also be applicable for siblings too. These monuments are for any two people who were not just connected in life but also in death too. So, if you lost your parents or both children, then the double monument might be a good choice to address them, even when they are not with you anymore.

Opt for the custom made ones:

Searching the internet will actually let you come across some of the custom-designed memorials, which will remain handcrafted by some of the skilled artisans. They have already worked with many clients beforehand and helped them get the best double monuments as asked for. So, helping you out on your venture to create such monuments in multiple shapes and different styles won’t be that tough of a deal for them.

  • You are asked to have a direct chat with the staff first about the engravings, etchings, epitaphs, portraits and inscriptions.
  • These options are likely to enhance the beauty and personalise the message right on the monument.
  • If you want, you can use imagery and symbols that will convey the specified nationality or religion of that deceased.

Perfect granite monument for your use:

The double monuments are mostly made using premium quality upright granite marbles, which are designed for two people. Even the base will be made out of premium quality granite, which will last for a longer span of time.

  • Reliable companies are more than happy to offer you multiple colours and designs of such double monuments to choose from.
  • The price will include the engraving of the beloved’s dates, names and added a line of text. You can either provide the line on your own or can ask the staff to help you with one innovative and meaningful line.
  • No matter whatever line you choose to add to the monuments, the experts will ensure to fit the entire one within the given place. Not only that, but they will work hard to address the best design that you select.

Harder than marble:

Now, you must be wondering why people are focusing on granite for making the double monuments. Well, granite is always harder when compared to marble and will work out as a one-time investment plan after using it. These granites will be able to stand the test of time. 

  • You can purchase these monuments in multiple sizes and the team can customise some for your use.
  • One popular size here is the 42″ X 6″ X 20″ one and another bigger size foes with 48″ X 6″ X 24″ monument.
  • Be sure to be specific of the base size as well, on which the monument will be placed.

Make sure to measure the proper calculative means before heading towards double monuments now. You will be amazed by the results available.