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Taking A Walk Through The Spice Garden That Facilitates Lebanese Cooking:

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Food

The original spice mixes essentially set Lebanese and middle-eastern cuisine far apart from other food groups; traditional curations make the dishes taste exceptionally delicious. The restaurants in Willoughby and Cammeray that deliver authentic Lebanese food cannot do so without the magic these spices bring to the world. The spice pinch that seeks to produce on one’s plates was promised to the customers once they entered the threshold of a Lebanese speciality restaurant. 

Elaborated upon below are critical spice mixes whose constitution aims towards bringing life to ordinary food to make its genuine Lebanese specials. These adorn the menus of quality restaurants Cammeray and Willoughby host.  

  1. Za’atar: This is a unique spice mix that changes depending on the makers; it’s like one of those family recipes passed on from generation, and nobody will give you theirs. Za’atar might vary depending on the region; everyone might have their secret ingredient. However, a typical blend consists of thyme, dried oregano, marjoram, sumac and toasted sesame seeds that enrich it with a tremendous and nutty flavour. There’s a high chance that this will be a part of the main dishes of restaurants in Willoughby. These are served alongside flatbreads or marinades to serve their customer’s delicious meat and fish-based dishes. 
  2. Sumac: A spice part of the aromatic za’atar mix, Sumac is a vibrant and beautiful looking spice. It is deep purple and appears similar to glistening ground rubies. Made with the curation of crushed red berries that supplement a tangy flavour to the dishes it’s added to. They are often sprinkled over the oily dressing to facilitate the making of a crunchy and appealing salad. The unique and eye-catching colour makes them into ideal sprinkling elements added to a dish to make it look increasingly vibrant and flavorful. These are used in marinades for meats and fish as well. They add a sour and tart flavour to Lebanese dishes that work to enhance their taste, irrespective of whether it’s a salad or one among the labneh mezzes dishes. These are likely to be found in the main words at Lebanese restaurants in Cammeray.
  3. Baharat: The namesake of the Arabic word for spice, Vaharat is a spice mix that consists of ground allspice, black peppercorns, coriander seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and paprika. This rich mix is also made at home by many using manual grounding with a pestle and mortar. A ready-made version of these is potentially available in most stores for those who wish to purchase them. You are likely to find dishes with freshly ground baharat among the delicious offerings at restaurants in Willoughby. 
  4. Ras el hanout: This great spice arrangement comprises 60 ingredients such as allspice, coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc. Each batch of Ras el hanout blends is distinct depending on its combination of ingredients. This spice blend delves into the rich and diverse heritage of the cuisine, where it culminates from and how it has evolved into becoming among the distinct cuisines worldwide. The kitchens of all popular Lebanese restaurants in Cammeray are sure to have these in their pantry. 
  5. The other principal spices that might be a part of dishes created in middle-eastern or Lebanese specialty restaurants include cumin, nutmeg, turmeric, caraway, anise seed, and cinnamon. These dishes might also comprise vibrant herbs like oregano, nigella seeds, isot, and dry mint, which are staples to be found at all self-respecting Lebanese restaurants in Willoughby or Cammeray.

The spice mixes elucidated here are meaningful contributors to developing the flavourful and authentic Lebanese cuisine beholds. If the talk of this sumptuous cuisine has evoked your taste buds, it’s time to visit the best Lebanese restaurants in Cammeray or Willoughby to satisfy your yearning.