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Suggestions & Tips For Kitchen Cabinetry Design

by | May 18, 2023 | Home Improvement

Kitchen cabinetry Sydney is the heart of any kitchen. They not only provide storage space but also display your favorite items. As you contemplate installing new kitchen cabinetry or renovating your current ones, it may be helpful to review some design tips that can help you create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

The following guidelines will help make the most of the space in your kitchen and enhance its appearance:

1) Make sure the kitchen cabinetry can fit 20% more than what’s currently stored in them. This is important because it allows for future growth without changing out cabinetry pieces (or buying a bigger house). Having plenty of open shelving will also allow for seasonal displays throughout the year. For example, putting all spring Easter decorations on display during Easter and then storing them after the season is over.

2) Make sure the kitchen cabinetry are no more than 45 inches high or too close to a wall. If you do not install cabinets with enough room above them, people will bump their heads on upper cabinets. Additionally, if you have too many doors at eye level, it will make your kitchen appear cluttered and busy.

3) Always put a window in an area that would typically be dark or where reflections appear from other appliances. It can brighten up a space and give it a warm, inviting feel.   

4) For those who prefer cleaner lines without hardware, consider using magnetic door catches on any cabinet drawers or doors that can open. They hold items securely closed but open with a simple wave of the hand. This will also prevent things from accidentally falling out when opening drawers or doors.

5) There are many styles and shapes of cabinetry available to suit any taste, home size, or kitchen arrangement. They even come in various grades such as custom, semi-custom and stock sizes. Custom cabinets are designed specifically for your home and made based on your specifications (i.e., large island, specific drawer dimensions). Semi-custom cabinets may require modifying by adding or deleting shelves, but overall they should be pretty easy to customise with little effort and at an average price. Stock size cabinets can be found at most retailers. As their name implies – they leave you little choice for customisation other than colour selections because they are already designed for the average kitchen.

6) For those who prefer a more functional and open feel, consider using decorative glass cabinet doors on all visible cabinets (both upper and lower). This will give your kitchen a bright and fresh look while still allowing room to store items out of sight. Also, glass doors keep everything organised and prevent getting lost in dark corners or pushed behind other things.

Composite materials such as Masonite and Formica can cover countertops instead of granite or marble, which is very expensive. These materials provide beauty by offering numerous colours and patterns but are cheaper than their natural stone counterparts.

9) Using wall cupboards with pull-out racks that attach under bottom cabinets can help make the most of any extra space in your kitchen. These racks allow you to store baking pans and other frequently used cooking supplies within easy reach without cluttering up countertops.

10) Along with adding wall cupboards, consider installing a breakfast bar that spans from one side of the kitchen to another or from an island to a wall. This design is becoming more popular in modern-day kitchens because it provides casual dining and family interaction areas while not requiring additional floor space. 

We hope you found these kitchen cabinetry tips helpful, and we’d love to hear your feedback on them. If you need help with designing kitchen cabinetry in Sydney, or any other project for that matter, please get in touch!