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Stunning bathroom floor tile types

by | Feb 29, 2020 | Travel

Bathroom floor tiles are available in a wide variety of options. Vinyl tiles and porcelain tiles are the most common types that come to mind first owing to a good number of reasons. No doubt, they are the most practical solutions, but at present numerous other solutions are available that include cork and stone. Visiting the bathroom tiles in Sydney showrooms will offer you a chance to see the wide varieties available.  

Here is a guide to the top bathroom floor tile types. To offer a stunning look to your bathroom, you can try to mix and match bathroom tapware in Sydney options. 

  • Vinyl tiles

The most popular bathroom floor tile is vinyl tiles owing to its practicality and low cost. Starting from the master bath to the powder room, vinyl tiles are well suited for all areas. As far as durability, comfort, and safety are concerned, Vinyl tiles are unmatched. Above all, they increase the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom and are extremely easy to install.

It is a self-adhering material but can be cut using a utility knife. Any local bathroom tiles in Sydney showrooms will offer several options to choose from. 

  • Porcelain or ceramic tiles

Whether you incline towards colourful penny tiles, wood lookalikes or stone tiles, China, or ceramic tiles are some of the best-suited options for bathroom flooring. Ceramics are easy to maintain but is not a very good friend of a barefoot. Ceramics are not as easy as vinyl tiles to install, but a bathroom tapware in Sydney Installation Company does the job in one go.

You can try glazing ceramic tiles with a high-quality glaze to prevent scratches and wear. Such tiles are harder than any clay-based flooring.

Bathroom Tiles in Sydney Showrooms

  • Glass tiles

Glass tiles come with two-fold benefits. Firstly, once you cover a part of your bathroom floor with a thin-layered glass, it creates an effect of depth. Secondly, when you paint the glass, you get a beautiful stained-glass result. This type of tile remains in good health if installed correctly. However, make sure you choose textured glass to prevent slipping over the floor.

Bathroom glass tiles with numerous grout joints are slip-resistant. For a proper installation, hire reliable bathroom tapware in Sydney dealer. 

  • Stone tiles

Stone tiles were once used only in the foyer. With time, these tiles made an entry to the other rooms of the house as well. They are made of slate, granite, marble, and limestone. The color options available are gold, green, red, blue, and cream.

Proper maintenance is very crucial to keep stone tiles at the pink of its health. Regular sealing and cleaning are recommended by the bathroom tiles in Sydney showrooms. Stone tiles are also more expensive than similar-looking porcelain or ceramic tiles. Proper installation by an expert bathroom tapware in Sydney installer is also essential. 

You have surely found the best solution to your headache of selecting the proper type of bathroom floor tile. To make the final choice, you need to visit any local bathroom tiles in Sydney showrooms to buy the one that suits the overall design theme of your house. The installation process will be shouldered by a reliable bathroom tapware in Sydney service provider.