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Step By Step Guide For DIY Concrete Grinding in Sydney

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Business, Home Improvement

One of the most cost-efficient ways to increase your home’s value is to grind your concrete floor. Typically, a concrete floor needs to be grounded before anything can be done to have a clean, smooth working finish; talk to concrete grinding service providers in Sydney; they will point you in the right direction and be happy to quote you on the job with guidance. Below are tips for DIY concrete grinding.

What do you want to do?

Take a close look at the floor and think about the numerous possible finishing choices. Only remember that you want the floor to grind. Are you grinding and putting down a new layer to remove an existing coating? Or are you looking for the floor to be polished? Do you need to apply the one you have with a self-levelling coating or polishing?

When you have made the decision, you should get the right equipment to do the job.

Remove the old coating:

The first step is to remove the old coating; if you put a new coating on, you will need to have a finish that will allow the coating to stick correctly so it requires a rough but consistent finish so the new coating can key in. Then it will not stick if it is smooth.

You need to maintain an even, constant swinging motion when grinding so the floor looks even. Do not over grind; you can touch up places that need it after you have done, but it is much more difficult to fix if you over grind.

Fixing imperfections:

There are imperfections on the floor occasionally, which means you will need to fill them or add a full cement finishing coat on top of the concrete. This will polish the value of doing this because giving results can colour it or put various exciting effects in this coating.

You may apply the coating of your choice when you are satisfied with the floor and level


This includes using a high-speed polisher designed for the work to be performed. You then polish using various polishing disks and the method you have chosen to use after grinding concrete to the correct profile until you get a high polish finish.

Improving or colouring:

Usually, the concrete grinding has no additional applications on a polished concrete base, although you may often wish to paint with stains or dyes. Usually, this leaves a mottled style appearance due to the nature of dry concrete, which can be very appealing and enhanced using various colour combinations. To find some exciting ideas and ways of making your floor original, speak to concrete grinding companies near you.

Hire Equipment:

It would be possible for the nearest rental shop to advise you about the best tools and methods to use for concrete grinding in Sydney.

You will need professional equipment when you want a successful concrete grinding for your floor. Look for the equipment selling companies in Sydney and find out what they have to sell, to check out the online description of how to do it. Then consider your choices for doing the perfect job on the floor.