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Tips for choosing shelf-ready packaging for spout pouch packaging

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Business, packaging supplies

A handsome amount of good feeling is associated with the tray packaging of spout pouches. The shelf ready packaging suppliers offering trays or cases termed as secondary packaging allows a way for brand identification. However, choosing shelf-ready packaging for stand-up pouches is a risky decision. 

So, it is good to learn from previously done successful projects by renowned companies.

We are here to discuss the key points that need consideration to make spout pouch packaging successful with the use of shelf-ready packages. During the process, two departments of a company- marketing and technical, need to work together to make it a grand success. Moreover, it is also crucial to choose the proper packaging machine to make the process easy and cost-effective.

Set the goal

The marketing department can always decide to incorporate a new packaging format to an already existing product accessible in the market. Spout pouch packaging in a shelf-ready tray is no doubt a lucrative idea, but the only question that prevails is whether the company can attain this shelf-ready packaging. In that case, the other department needs to present a practical solution. The answer should take into consideration all the crucial factors like spare spaces, time problems, efficient packaging machine, and costs, etc.

spout pouch packagingThe marketing group initially decides the initial presentation of the stand-up pouches and the way the dealer will receive it. That makes it clear that the marketing department has the best opinion in this regard. Hooded cartons are a possible choice for stand up pouches, provided the shelf ready trays come with eye-catching graphics. The idea sounds good as the bags can stand steadily in the trays.   

Sometimes the hooded cartons happen to wrinkle easily; therefore, increasing the product cost. Moreover, the typical shape of the pouches might waste space between the bags and the tray. That, in turn, will increase the shipping cost.

The makers might also propose that the cartons and the machinery to prepare the boxes both are expensive. However, if the marketing department sticks to their plan, ultimately, the makers will start gathering outside resources and contact the shelf ready packaging suppliers without hesitation. 

The conception phases

Once the company fixes the goal finally, it’s time for the engineering group to send project specification details to the concerned service partner. The service department will then suggest a possible plan that is cost-effective and attainable within a stipulated time and limited space. There might be several recommendations regarding the packaging format, but the company needs to choose the most effective one.

The best idea is to pack the goods horizontally in the standard cases and put them vertically in the shelf-ready displays. Moreover, if complementary packing gears re not added at the time of production, it can lower the cost and time. 

Last but not the least!

The final stage is to choose the best quality service provider to make spout pouch packaging successful using shelf-ready packages. Sound technical support is also of immense importance. Moreover, all the departments should work at the same pace to finish the project faster.