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Some Of The Different Types Of Gutter Guards.

by | Jul 8, 2019 | Home Improvement

Gutter guards help in maintaining a proper flow of water in a gutter as they help in blocking the entry of unwanted materials inside it. They are usually connected to a fascia over the gutter so that leaves, twigs or any other small object may not enter the gutter and block the water passage. Many types of gutter guards are available in the market ranging from plastic to steel gutter guards. Each of them can be useful for a particular type of home and that is why there are so many choices in them.

Moreover, some of the metal guards can also be painted so that they can look attractive and help in enhancing the beauty of a property. Some of the common types of gutter guards are discussed here.

  • Corrugated Gutter Guard – As the name suggests, corrugated gutter guards have crease or wrinkles on them so that they can be an ideal choice for a corrugated roof. In such type of roof, a corrugated gutter guard can match the exteriors completely. They usually cover a gutter fully so that leaves, twigs or any other material cannot enter the gutter. They sit on top of a gutter and have very small holes in them through which any gutter blocking item may not pass easily. They can be connected to the fascia with the help of fasteners and can stay firm in place.
  • Plastic Gutter Guards – These types of gutter guards can be the cheapest in price as well as quality. They are made from flexible plastic in rolls of length 15 feet to 30 feet and having a width of inches to seven inches. They can easily be cut at home with a knife or any other sharp tool and can be an excellent DIY option. However, their life may not belong and they can last at the most for three years or less. In temperate climates, this type of guard can be useful but in harsh climatic conditions, the gutter guard may not be a very suitable option.
  • Steel Gutter Guards – Steel gutter guards can be an ideal option for homes that are situated in extreme weather conditions as they are durable and will not get damaged soon. They provide a complete cover on top of a gutter due to which nothing can enter into it by any chance. However, the installation of this type of guard may not be the simplest and a professional may have to be hired for the same. Cleaning the gutter guard will also need some effort as it will have to be opened completely by unscrewing the bolts. However, in terms of utility, this type of gutter guard can be the best for a home.

These are some of the most popular types of gutter guards that are preferred by most people. As many Australian homes have corrugate roof pattern, the corrugated gutter guard is very much in use across many locations. However, the other ones can also be used as per one’s suitability.