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Some Must Know Advantages of Commercial Dishwasher

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Business

Commercial dishwasher clean vessels in very less time and also more efficiently. It needs less water and less labor for cleaning. It has only little hazards than the traditional method. You can use the sink for all-purpose but the sink cannot handle a large number of dirty dish vessels in a busy kitchen. Dishwashers are available in different shapes and sizes. It also has many additional features. We recommend to buy or hire a planetary mixer along with commercial dishwasher since it is equally beneficial. In this article let us discuss some important things you must consider while buying a commercial dishwasher and also its advantages.

Important things to consider while buying a commercial dishwasher:

1. Size:

The rack is the primary measurement unit of the commercial dishwasher. Utensils and dirty dishes are loaded to the racks and then the racks are loaded into the dishwasher. The shape of the rack frame varies, some rack frame feature lattices to load soup cups, mugs, and glasses and some racks are used for loading dishes, pots and pans.

Some racks will be fully hollow and it is used for loading silverware and spatulas. Skeleton of the racks differs to accommodate different types of vessels but all type of dishwasher has the same standard exterior frame for the rack. The standard size is 20” X 20”. So when determining the size of the dishwasher think about the number of racks you need for loading in the dishwasher.

2. Washer type:

After selecting the number of racks next choose the washer type based on your need. If you are buying a dishwasher for a restaurant and if it has an attached bar then instead of buying one large size dishwasher you can buy two medium size dishwashers.

3. Door type of the dishwasher:

There are several stations in a dish pit. One station of the dish pit is used for dumping the remaining food and another station rinse the crump, another station is attached with the washer and the last station is used to dry the dishes. If you are using the same setup of dish pit then you can buy door type dishwashers. Once you slide the rack into the washing chamber the door will automatically close. The machine starts its washing process and once it is done the door open you can slide the rack on the other side of the dishwasher. In this type 80 racks can be cleaned in one hour. It is best suited for small size restaurants.

4. Temperature:

Wash temperature control and distinguish the final aspect of the dishwasher. High-temperature dishwasher unit rinses using warm water before the cleaning cycle. Housed booster heater is included in the high-temperature dishwasher. Low-temperature dishwasher unit uses sanitizing chemical and normal water.

5. Glasswasher:

Glassware and stemware can be cleaned in this type of dishwasher. You cannot use silver glasses in this type of dishwasher. They are versatile. 2,000 glasses can be washed in one hour. It is mostly used in bars.

6. Conveyor top dishwasher:

These type dishwashers are mostly used in large restaurants. The cleaning capacity of the dishwasher is high when compared with the normal type of dishwasher.