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Some Major Advantages of Heated Towel Rails!

by | Jun 15, 2019 | Bathroom renovations

When considering a heated towel rail, it can evoke the luxury of a hotel that is enjoyed during the long winter months. False! Maybe you just need to think about it again. 

Heated towel rail does not require a cold day just to carry out their work all year round. Once you know the advantages of a heated towel rail, you may wonder why it took so much time to get it first!


While heated towel or towel warmers provide you with amazing towels, their primary beneficiaries are maintaining your towels dry and making them helpful not only in wet weather and cold weather; they also maintain the hygiene of your bathroom as dry towels minimize the risk of a damp soil for germs and mould. The heated towel rack in Sydney also helps save water and electricity. As these towels are dried onto the train directly, they don’t need to be washed as often so that the costs of the energy-saving tumble dryer are saved.

Warmer towels and toilets: 

The majority of toilets, whatever their size, rarely see sunshine and thus have natural freshness. Not only will the heat provided by the heated towel rail warm your clothes, but also the air will warm in the toilet. Face it, it’s not nice than wrapping yourself in a fluffy, hot towel heated up out of the shower. There’s nothing worse than to go out of a nice bubble bath before bed and wrap a towel around you which hasn’t dried up well that morning.

Stress levels: 

The bathroom is an appropriate place to take a unique time out and women who drink tea in spa warmed towels give a feeling of calm and relaxation after a relaxing warm shower or a soak in the bathroom. A new, heated towel rack Sydney brings this spa impression, and who does not want a little homemade treatment today?

A Stylish touch: 

These towel rails in a variety of forms and sizes add an elegant touch to the decor. an ideal towel rail for every bathroom, be it classic sophistication, modern design, or supreme luxury.

Save power: 

This towel rail uses a smart, practical, and energy-efficient technique of heating toilet rails using automated Heating Technology (AHT). AHT is the unique technology that features an integrated thermostat that reacts to changes in temperature automatically and activates an internal control switch for such a towel rail. This means automated optimal working temperatures with the lowest consumption of energy as part of the advantages of a digital scheme without any manual input from homeowners.

The electricity units with smart Automatic heating technology (AHT) are the first and, second, the environmentally friendly hydronic system where heated towel rack Sydney are heated through the recirculating hot water system of the home. 

So whatever the weather, from the depth of winter to the summer heights, be sure you can take advantage and the added pleasure of the soft comfort of a hot bath towel, whatever your choice in the heated towel rail.