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Significant Reasons For Investing In Stand Up Coffee Pouches

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Business, packaging supplies

There are many reasons businesses are dropping rigid packaging favouring lightweight stand-up pouches to help advertise, secure, and market their goods. Manufacturers and customers benefit from stand-up pouches. Here are the top benefits of stand up coffee pouches that consumers love:

Offer Protection

Coffee makers are gradually moving to more versatile packaging solutions, including stand-up pouch coffee bags in favour of rigid metal or plastic containers. Moisture, odours, UV illumination, oxygen, and other pollution types are all covered by our robust, stand-up pouches. Your product’s shelf life will be increased as a result of these precautions. Flex-in-house Pack’s design team will help you design your packaging brand that can stand out in the supermarket store to your consumers.

Make Your Product Stand Out

As a marketing side point, the study reveals that packaging with motion pictures is more new and thrilling than packaging with static images. So, on your stand-up coffee pouches, show your product in reality!

Consumers are changing their buying preferences away from big-box retailers and toward smaller, independent businesses. Consider a template that helps you incorporate your business card and basic details about the coffee being bought into the packaging. With these custom touches, you will win your customers’ trust and devotion. This one-of-a-kind strategy illustrates that you care for their shopping needs and want them to make the best choices possible.

Transportation & Warehousing

Distribution prices are also lowered substantially for stand-up coffee pouches. You can carry five to ten times the number of units in a single truck using fewer pallets, depending on the pouch and the initial packing solution. The fuel cost per vehicle is lower since the packaging is also thinner. You can put more of your inventory with less space, and transporting it around requires less time and effort.

Shelf Impact

Stand-up pouches stand out on the shelves due to their array of shapes and measurements, as well as their stunning HD graphic capabilities. The most notable advantage of stand-up pouch coffee bags in terms of shelf effect is the expanded volume of real estate open to manufacturers—the package’s biggest printable surface now sits up and faces the consumer. This offers the product the opportunity to perform in ways that lay-down bags and smaller rigid containers cannot.


Environmentally, stand-up pouches are preferable. Flexible packaging requires fewer products, less energy, and less water to manufacture and contains less volatile organic compounds. Their lighter weight and smaller-scale minimize carbon emissions during transit, in addition to cost savings. Non-recyclable materials occupy less waste space than their rigid counterparts. Stand-up coffee pouches may also be recyclable or biodegradable without losing protection or durability.

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Cost Reduction

If you want to save money on supplies, converting to Stand-up coffee pouches and flexible packaging, in general, is a breathtaking idea. Flexible packaging is three to six times more costly per unit than rigid packaging. Flexible packaging costs almost half as much as printed folding cartons. Placed, opting for stand-up pouches over a static alternative would result in substantially higher profit margins for your company.

To reap the full advantages of stand-up pouch coffee bags and versatile packaging, you will need to collaborate with a packaging vendor that can build a flexible approach that’s completely customized to your product and brand.