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Significance Of Hiring A CEC Approved Retailer In Maitland For Reliable Service

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Home Improvement

The Clean Energy Council or CEC is the central body responsible for overseeing renewable energy, including solar panels. The council sets the rules for the application of fair practices in the solar industry. A CEC approved retailer in Maitland gets approval from the council on abiding by the set code of conduct and meeting particular standards. 

The program aims to improve customer confidence and regulate the industry for maintaining high standards. It is feasible to choose the CEC accredited solar retailers to get access to the Government rebates and also the peace of mind that the installer will operate honestly. 

Requirements of retailers for CEC approval 

Before hiring the approved retailers, it is good for you to know how the retailers get the approval. It is not about knowing how to complete the process of installation or knowing the working mechanism of solar panels. 

  • To become a CEC approved retailer, the professional has to meet stringent standards set by the council.
  • It is mandatory to abide by the strict code of conduct. This will cover all the aspects, including the way of advertising, the services they claim in the marketing materials, and the installation process.
  • These retailers pay a fee every year, and the amount depends on the size of the retailer. So it won’t be a free accreditation. 

A company will pay for the privilege of CEC accreditation because they know you will rely on the accredited retailers to avoid believing in false claims or recruiting amateur professionals at work.

Enjoy solar STCs

One of the vital reasons for choosing the CEC Approved Solar retailers is the access to Small-Scale Technology Credits or STCs. It is a credit that applies when you invest in the CEC approved panels. The sum depends on the size and capacity of the solar system. The credits add up to provide you with discounts on the purchase and installation of solar systems. 

  • The introduction of STC is not about offering any rebate but a small reduction in the cost of the solar system. However, if you want to enjoy the cost reduction, you have to call the approved installers. 
  • The State Government also offers a variety of schemes and rebates apart from STC to make solar a cheaper option. 

Usually, the rebates and offers apply on a contingency basis depending on the accredited retailers and installers. 

Commitment to excellence

A significant aspect of an approved solar retailer program will focus on sales and marketing. As solar energy is relatively new in comparison to the other alternative forms, there are still loopholes in the regulations. Thus, the program is a strong step in regulating the entire process and striving for excellence. 

CEC approved installer is under the code of conduct that concentrates on how they market the service and product. So, you can depend on the marketing materials, how the retailer is communicating for Government incentives, and more. Therefore, it will be easier to find a reliable service provider who will be honest in maintaining the quality of service and the products.