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Shopping For Wellquip Catering Equipment – What Are The Essentials?

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Commercial Refrigeration

Shopping for Wellquip catering equipment isn’t easy. But savvy shoppers must take on this challenge and set-up the perfect catering equipment set-up. 

Keeping your catering kitchen equipment updated at all times isn’t easy or cheap. Since catering professionals use their Wellquip catering equipment almost every day, there’s a high chance of equipment failure or overuse. These professionals must also consider all the travelling they have to do while facilitating off-site events before making their purchases. That’s why setting up a fixed budget and investing only in top-quality products is essential for catering professionals. More importantly, catering professionals must invest in the essentials and avoid spending on unnecessary items.

Here are the essential pieces of catering equipment that all catering professionals must have in their arsenals to execute full-scale projects in the most efficient way:-

1) Transport-friendly catering equipment:

Catering professionals often have to prepare their meals in one location and then carry them to their client’s location. Amidst all of this travelling, it’s easy for food dishes to lose their heat or start decomposing. That’s why investing in travel-friendly Wellquip catering equipment is vital. Insulated food storage devices can keep food items and beverages hot or cold for long periods. So, make sure your catering equipment purchase list consists of – insulated food pans, insulated carriers (e.g., trays with aluminium foil coverings), travel-friendly food storage boxes, portable coolers and freezers. 

2) A healthy assortment of disposable supplies:

The catering industry has received criticism for the amount of waste they generate. However, without disposable catering supplies, it’s impossible to cater to events that consist of a hundred or more people. High-quality disposable Wellquip catering equipment can help catering professionals reduce costs. Top catering experts do their best to invest in reusable equipment and products like porcelain dinnerware or glassware. But, maintaining those items means overloading your dishwashers. That’s why having a healthy assortment of disposable cutleries, plates, etc., is vital for all catering professionals. Some must-have disposable items include – plastic cutleries, paper napkins, plastic cups, cocktail picks, and aluminium foil pans. 

3) Adding aesthetic appeal:

Having advanced Wellquip catering equipment like the latest freezers or cocktail machines may add function to your catering business. But, to add class and aesthetic appeal to catering services, investing in a table setting items like stemware, classical glassware, decorated cloth napkins, etc. is vital. So, catering professionals must hire or purchase loads of fancy tablecloths, attractive napkins, high-quality dinnerware, stylish salt/pepper shakers, and other serving equipment that makes their brand come off as classy and posh. 

4) Beverage department:

Always invest in insulated beverage storing items. By doing so, catering professionals can set up tea stations or beer spots in an instant! The aim is to transport hot or cold beverages for long distances without making them lose their temperatures or quality. So, investing in ice-making machines, insulated beverage dispensers, microwave-friendly tumblers, etc., is vital!

5) Invest in a repair team:

The best sellers of Wellquip catering equipment also provide repair services. Partnering with such a seller can help catering businesses avoid common equipment failures. So, these businesses must look for experts of restaurant equipment repair who can handle basic repair tasks like – fixing countertop warmers, replacing door gaskets on freezers, replacing gas safety valves, and more.