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Shaping Indoors And Outdoors With Natural Stone Floor Tiles

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Home Improvement, tiling

Flooring is the single most important aspect of a home. Needless to say, a lot of planning goes into flooring. Before you proceed, take note of a few points why you need to consider natural stone floor tiles. 

natural stone floor tilesWhy Stone Flooring Is Important?

The floor is the most frequented area of any home. Lots of footprints and stains attack the floor. Therefore, it is important to use stone for flooring. 

Before you consider stone as your flooring, take an instance of wood flooring. Regular oiling and termite attacks can make the wood flooring more susceptible to damage. 

However, with stone, you do not have to worry about any damage. Once laid down, it will be there for a long time. 

In the summers, the stone flooring keeps the environment cool in summers. Equipped with a central heating system, they can warm up the indoors quickly.  

Different Options of Natural Stones to Choose From

Marble, sandstone, granite, limestone, slate, and quartzite, travertine all are brilliant options to choose from. All of these can be used as natural stone floor tilesLet us now take a closer look at the options in detail. 


Since old age, marble has been used in sculptures and monuments alike. The light can easily penetrate the surface, making them perfect for illuminating a dark corner of your home. 

Marble is found abundantly in nature, making them one of the most used materials of our times. 

Their enhanced durability makes sure to last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. 


The beautiful ivory-coloured stone can brighten up your floors and fill them up with natural light. With an extensive range of designs and top-notch durability, they are one of the first choices when it comes to floor tiles.  


Granite is an igneous rock which contains mica and feldspar naturally. The granite used in flooring is polished to perfection to give that elegant look. 

The texture of granite mainly depends upon the rate at which it cools down.


This pale stone can be used in every corner of your home according to your need. Made with Calcium Carbonate and occasionally with pebbles or fossils, limestone is a brilliant option for natural stone floor tiles. 


Slate is a better choice for your home if you need to upscale its re-estate value. The royalty of this stone is unmatched. Any corner of your home can be made regal by using this flooring. 


It is one of the densest materials in the world with minimal water absorption. This makes it perfect for the outdoor fittings around pools. The texture also makes it slip-proof, and suitable for kitchen or driveway. 


Travertine is synonymous with durability. It can easily last a lifetime with or without any special care. 

The most attractive prospect of travertine is its earthy hues. Ranging from beige and tan to caramel or chocolate, these natural stone floor tiles exude comforting warmth. 

Now that you are acquainted with all the options for floor tiles, make sure to take some time and understand your unique perspectives. Your home needs a special touch at every corner.