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Selecting An Office Catering Company- Questions To Ask

by | Jul 19, 2019 | Services

Food is one of the most important reasons that help people to come together for some social interactions. Ordering foods in office through office catering in Sydney service is necessary when the businesses like to:

  • Show appreciation to the employees
  • Create an atmosphere of appreciation for the professional partners or clients

Eating together in the office as teams increase communication among the colleagues, develops camaraderie, strengths relationships, boosts productivity, and increases job satisfaction and happiness in a real break. So, whether it is a reception, a luncheon, a seated dinner service or a buffet, eating together is a must in every social function in the office. Considering the positive impacts of eating together, numerous companies are making it a priority.

So, if you have the plan to hire a professional office catering Sydney service, then here are a few things that you need to ask the service provider.

  1. What is the specialization of the catering company? Office catering is completely different from party or wedding catering. Instead, the office catering service is completely responsible for catering for the office employees. So, while choosing an office catering company, check whether the company has an authentic experience in organizing office events.
  2. Does the company have any local client’s referral? One of the most important points that prove the reliability of an office catering company is the capability of the company in offering tasty food in time. And for this purpose, you can ask for the references of the local clients, who can offer you accurate information about the company. This can also help you to verify the catering service will be able to deliver food on time without compromising on the quality.
  3. What is the experience the office catering company has? Shrinking away from the competitive and harsh environment of different fine dining restaurants, the majority of the chefs are now starting catering businesses. So, before hiring an office catering company, ask for the experience of that company in offering office catering service. Avoid companies that don’t have the required experience. 
  4. How much does the delivery cost? Before you hire an office catering Sydney service, you must have a clear breakup of the entire cost of catering. And the delivery cost is a vital part of it. Usually, leading office catering service providers charge on per person basis. But some of the companies even have secret add-ons. To avoid it, choose the service, which offers you the clear-cut payment breakup.
  5. Does the company offer simple menu options? Before making the final selection, inform the catering company about the different preferences and tastes that your employees have. The leading caterers must have different menu options for every day of the week to satisfy the taste buds of different clients. Also, ask whether the company will be able to handle around 50 people at a time. In case yes, then relax.

What is the availability of options? Options and variety are two important parts of every office meal. So, while deciding an office catering company, ask whether they are capable of offering food items of different tastes and types.