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Secrets to book a cheap flight ticket

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Travel


AirplaneToday I am going to share stunning tips you can use to book modest flight tickets. A considerable lot of the tips I will be sharing would be as of now known to numerous individuals, however, a few hints may be new or unexplored by many. While you probably won’t get large limits utilizing these tips, still you will have the option to profit some edge. Ensure you read every one of the tips referenced beneath, as certain individuals may feel that they definitely know the greater part of them so it looks bad to take a gander by any means. I myself found a good pace 3 new things while composing this article. 

Book within 30-90 days in advance

Expedia did an exceptionally fascinating investigation and discovered that on a normal the most reduced flight tickets sold was 57 days ahead of time. They considered different local flight costs and saw the pattern and discovered that booking a flight early isn’t generally the best choice. There is sufficient time left to fill the seats so carriers are not frantic to get an ever-increasing number of clients at modest costs. 

According to their examination, the costs were moderate in the beginning and continued declining and something close to 50-60 days before the takeoff date, the costs fired rising and afterward shot up during the last 2-3 weeks. 

They discovered that the normal ticket cost was $496, while the least expensive one was at $401 and that was sold around 57 days ahead of time. 

Presently, this isn’t an investigation situated in India and things are diverse here. Additionally, we realize this is only the normal of 100’s of information, the end here is that you should neither purchase the aircrafts tickets early like 5-6 months (not relevant for universal flights) nor past the point of no return. In a perfect world, on the off chance that you get it in the window of 30-90 days ahead of time, you should constantly extraordinary a generally excellent arrangement. 

In any case, this isn’t valid for celebration times and a few goals that see a surge in some specific season. Here a little infographic on this point.

Take flights at odd hours

In the event that you are alright voyaging late around evening time, at that point you can get a low cost on flights. Be that as it may, this probably won’t work when you are going with family or when you have to arrive at your goal at a specific time (like for some gathering or a workshop and so forth) 

Be that as it may, individuals voyaging solo who don’t make some fixed memories to reach can investigate this alternative. 

I venture out from Pune to Ahmedabad frequently and I like to take late-night flights as they are agreeable for me and I additionally don’t need to confront traffic 🙂 and generally they are modest. Check the preview underneath 

I figure the straightforward explanation behind this may be that numerous individuals would prefer not to arrive at their goals by 1 or 2 at night and henceforth keep away from flights around evening time, which implies there is less interest for flights around evening time. 

Be that as it may, you won’t get a modest flight on the off chance that you are reserving it finally.

Try flexible dates

In the event that you don’t have inflexible plans, you can without a doubt take a gander at dates which are either 1 or 2 days sooner or later than your arranged date. Regularly, you will discover that multiple occasions you may get a less expensive alternative on an alternate date near your arranged date. 

A fast method to locate this out is to the primary quest for your trip for the date you have made arrangements for, and afterward, when you attempt to alter the date, it will show you the schedule with the costs for different dates. 

Above you can perceive how the flight ticket for Pune to Delhi for tenth Mar shows the cost as Rs 4930, however, the value only 3 days before and after 2 days is Rs 2402, which is practically half less. As indicated by numerous global examinations on carrier’s costs, it’s reasoned that the least expensive dates to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday, as they are weekdays and the traffic is less. So remember that while voyaging.

Use the special debit and credit card offers

I for one never give a ton of thought to this tip before. I, for the most part, utilized the coupons and codes referenced on the online life or coupon locales, yet there are different unique offers structured particularly for the platinum card and credit cardholders as it were. 

For instance, on the off chance that you have Kotak bank card, you should look for “Kotak offers flight tickets” on Google and you will doubtlessly get some page on the Kotak site or flight booking sites which will give you some extraordinary codes for getting extra markdown. 


In the event that you take a gander at the ideas above, you can see that the ICICI bank offer for yatra site is there with code YTICICI17, yet it’s material for the trip before 31st Mar and the airfare ought to be least Rs 3,500. 

So I found a departure from Kolkata to Ahmedabad for 15th March and applied the coupon code and it gave me Rs 500 moment rebate (It was a genuine markdown, not cashback)

Use the wallet cash to get a further discount

I think goibibo began this and turned out to be gigantically fruitful because of this factor. It’s one of the most confided in approaches to get further limits on flights/lodgings and different appointments. 

Every one of the sites like MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, yatra have this idea of virtual wallets and you get some money maneuvers in this wallet which can be in part utilized while making the installments. 

Goibibo calls it as goCash, Yatra has eCash and Makemytrip just calls it as Wallet cash. I have been a broad client of Goibibo and regardless of how incredible different sites offers were, in the wake of applying goCash, I generally got the best cost at Goibibo or American airlines cancellation

Yet at this point I get some extraordinary ideas at MakeMyTrip contrasted with Goibibo (perhaps on the grounds that they are currently consolidated). 

This virtual cashback can likewise be utilized for booking inns and you continue getting this virtual money with the vast majority of your booking. You can likewise get Rs 3,000 worth of goCash by downloading the goibibo App from this connection or also use American airlines booking.  

My colleague Kunal utilizes ixigo application, and the best part about it is that they offer the cashback legitimately into a citrus account which can likewise be reclaimed in your ledger, so it’s a genuine cashback in that sense.