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Roof Access Systems: A Must Have In The Construction Industries

by | Jul 20, 2019 | Safety (Roof)

The construction of beautiful large buildings, flyovers, are all important for any country’s development and growth. These infrastructures contributing to the economic development of a country are all painstaking efforts of the architects, engineers and the labors involved. The architects are responsible for formulating the structure and design of a building. Whereas on the other hand, the engineer finalizes the design after ensuring its safety and that it meets the building rules and regulations.

The construction industry is rapidly evolving. The project management techniques have made it more convenient for the project managers to get the work completed on time. The use of PERT and CPM (network diagrams) helps the construction industries to know what event of the project should be completed by what time so that they can obtain effective and efficient results. Well, this shows how the adoption of technology has benefited the construction industry.

Health and safety measures of the construction workers

It is an evident fact that the construction sites are highly dangerous, thus, it is equally important to ensure the health and safety measures of the workers operating on site. Every construction company should be inspected for the installation of a fall protection system which helps and saves the workers working at height above the ground level from falling down.

Why should the fall protection be installed?

  • Installation of roof access systems in the construction site is necessary so that the workers can be saved from the fall hazards.
  • If the workers are working 6 feet above ground level, it’s compulsory for the companies to get the fall protection installed so that they don’t have to pay for the demise of the workers or the charges imposed on the company.
  • One wrong decision, and it can ruin everything, the company’s fame and name, customer’s loyalty, and recognition.

Don’t let the dire consequences fall in your way, get the fall protection installed as soon as possible and bring about a safe working environment.

How to install the fall protection system?

Roof access systems are one of the fall protection equipment which can be installed following the below process:

  • Know your roof sheeting: Analyze what roof sheeting you have got, corrugated, plain, etc. and decide to buy the roof kit suitable for that roof sheeting.
  • Buy the roof anchor kit:  Buy the rood anchor kit from a trusted brand and make sure that it has got anchor points, lanyards or lifelines, and other required elements.
  • Check the user manual: Follow all the instructions and guidelines mentioned in the user manual so that you don’t commit any mistake while installing.
  • Installation: Install the roof anchor points as mentioned in the user manual. Make sure to tighten all the screws.
  • Inspection: Once you have installed it properly, inspect for the last time if there’s any decay, rust or if the anchor points are broken.  Return and replace the tool kit if any of the elements are damaged.

The fall protection system may get damaged over time. Make sure to do a frequent inspection and remove the system immediately in case of any damage.