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Why Should You Invest In a Rimless Back To Wall Toilet At Your Home?

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Bathroom Product, Bathroom renovations

The options for design in the case of sanitary ware have been enormous. At times it can be a bit confusing for the house owners to sort out which one to buy and which one. The representative at the store would try to influence with different options citing this option would be the best, that one would fit your budget. But the truth is you only know how your bathroom would look and how much space is available in the backyard of your restaurant.

Understanding the requirement of people and need of time, the manufacturers have rolled out an all-new design for toilet- rimless back to wall toilet. This particular toilet has topped the like chart of people as it saves space and provides a seamless finish to the bathroom.

What is a Rimless Back to Wall Toilet?

It is a recent and modern introduction to the sanitary ware store. The design has been in such a way that the cistern remains invisible and the pan remains attached in the bathroom. As compared to the traditional forms of the toilet, it is compact in size because of the cistern being invisible to the people.

Benefits of Choosing the Rimless Back to Wall Toilet:

Many people might not agree with the benefits of this rimless back to wall toilet on certain grounds. However, experts and many people agree that it has a bucket list of advantages associated with it. Some of them are as follows—

  • Seamless Finish

People often pour in several dollars only to make the washroom a comfortable and beautiful place. However, what remains the major obstacle is the wall attachment that remains prominent. But with the help of a rimless back to wall toilet, one can include a seamless finish to the bathroom. Apart from this, the tiles and other wall decors can easily be installed based on the theme.

  • Spacious Look

Professionals consider this rimless back to wall toilet as a boon to the people who have confined or small bathroom space. The hidden cistern makes the area look bigger. In addition to this, the floor and wall remain vacate assisting in cleaning. This is perhaps the most important reason why one should not hesitate to invest in such a toilet, especially the people who have bathrooms with confined space.

  • Aesthetic Beauty

The theory of symmetricity states that anything that remains either in alignment or uniformity with the surroundings enhances the beauty of the space. Unlike the traditional toilet system, this particular type of toilet completes the interior decor of the bathroom. The hidden cistern is the trick that offers the wall of the bathroom the uniformity. Experts say that because of this one can think of thematic design on the walls of the bathroom. The continuity in the design would add to the beauty of the wall and space.


The above-mentioned are some of the benefits associated with the use of rimless back to wall toilets. It is definitely going to be a worthy investment and those having a small bathroom should surely go for this.