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Reasons to Study Travel and Tourism Management in 2020

by | Apr 13, 2020 | Education

Are you passionate about traveling the globe and making that your profession? Have you been posting wanderlust statuses on social media and wondering when it will be real? The travel industry is one of the biggest revenue generators in any nation. Travel and tourism industries attract a lot of professional manpower which means that you can also travel for a living.

The travel business might be on a pause in this pandemic outbreak but that does not mean that the travel and tourism industries are off on a vacation. Tourism and travel are the pioneers of the world economy. It is the common thread that binds countries and economies together.

What is Travel and Tourism Management course?

travel and tourism course are professional trains students to become experts who can serve this industry better. 

The tourism business has encircled a majority of India’s economy. Whether it’s in the private sector or the public sector; the demand for trained professionals is increasing every single day. A course provides you the certification and degree which lets you choose the career of your dreams all the while making good money.

Let’s understand the career prospects of Travel and Tourism Management a little better.

 Career Scope of Travel and Tourism Management

As a multibillion-dollar industry, the Indian market is very susceptible to constant growth for these professionals. The scope continues to increase with the expansion of travel and tourism visits which keep taking place within India.

  • India has developed as a prime destination for a lot of tourists making it a lucrative market for hotels, travel consultants etc.
  • Indians are exploring the globe and drawn towards exotic vacation locations giving a boost to the travel companies and airline businesses.
  • In 2019 alone, the travel and tourism business saw an unprecedented 86% increase in business, which led to over 11 million new job recruitments.
  • The travel industry hopes to create 46 million job opportunities by 2025.
  • Business and work commitments cover over 34% of these travel experiences. 

With such incredible statistics, you can be rest assured that it is a degree which is jamming packed with prospects. A global celebrity once said on an international TV show that, “The world is too small to contain us.” That is the kind of situation efficient travel and tourism industry does.

It has grown irrespective of public or private sector and created millions of jobs for people who are travel enthusiasts. And even if you are not the most excited about jumping on a plane for your job, there are millions of jobs for desk loving and stationary positions.

Now, let’s discuss some job portfolios you can actually choose from upon completing your education.

Job Positions after Travel Management Course in Kolkata

  • Tourism Consultant:

Tourism consultancy helps people decide their desired travel location based on their preferences. Not everyone is fond of the same thing. Some people like cultural & heritage place, some are technology lover. Some might appreciate the Swiss Alps and Hilly Kashmir while other might love the beaches in Pondicherry or Bali. According to their choice as well as interest, the Consultant has to suggest suitable place. 

Studying from the best travel and tourism colleges in Kolkata will educate you on the various subjects associated to this special profession.

  • Tourism Informatics Officer:

Once the tourists have decided upon their location of travel (whether business or leisure), the key role of the Tourist Informatics Officer would be to provide all kinds of information like Geographical as well as demographical importance of the place. What are the restrictions there, certain advantages and disadvantages which they should know about, awareness creation etc.

  • Event Manager:

Event Management is a very fun work to do. It includes a lot of travel and you get to explore various places as a part of your job. Event managers set up and coordinate events like concerts, parties, trips, shows, brunch and anything else your clients might want.

Most of them collaborate with companies and work under them. Event management is a profession for the adrenaline loving person.

  • Ground Attendant:

Ground Attendants are responsible for all the aspects of travel once the journey has started. They have to look after the food arrangements, hotel check-ins and check outs and everything else. In long journey travels, they have to ensure everything is alright with the passengers on the flight. 

It is again one of those jobs where you have the opportunity to travel a lot.

  • Local Tour Guide:

Monetizing on the heritage and culture of a location plays a lead role in the tourism sector. Without proper interpretation of the history that a site carries, the tourism is vague. The sole aim of a heritage site is to preserve the history of a place, which remains inactive if the lesson is not mediated to the tourist, research scholars and the students.

  • Entrepreneurship:

Probably one of the most enticing fields of work in travel and tourism is running a business of your own. Upon completing your degree you can start your own travel agency, consultancy firm or run a travel expertise blog. 

The sky is the limit if your dream. And a travel and tourism management course actually lets you live your dreams. Get a free counseling session form our top experts. Click here to know more!