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Reasons To Invest Money On Granite Benchtops

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Kitchen renovations

You are likely to invest a pretty hefty amount of money while designing the interior of your place. You might indeed get confused with so many materials available for benchtops. You want the best as you are about to spend a good amount on it. So, the longevity and shiny texture of these bench tops must match well with that of your needs. Thanks to Granite Benchtops, now you don’t have to bother looking for another name here. These tops are not just perfect but will ensure that the products last for a long time.

Some reasons to invest money in granite benchtops:

  • High-end sustainability to address:

Mother Nature does not have a single second to spare and always keep working. So, granite can be targeted to be a renewable resource. But, as it takes quite some time, maybe thousands of years to create, most of the experts might not consider it to be a green item. However, stone industries have gone through some good research for the past couple of years and made granite to be a leading choice for countertops. So, getting hands-on granite benchtops won’t be that tough for you and also a good option to cover up.

As these granite options are noted to last for a long time, there remain no harmful chemicals to them. Moreover, it will not emit any form of harmful radiation or even gasses. So, they have made their place strong in the green building movement.

  • Perfect heat resistance feature to it:

This is true that granite countertops are not likely to blister or melt that easily. So, getting hold of the heat resistant granite benchtops these days won’t be that tough, as plenty of options are there. In case you happen to take a hot pan out of the open, then you can directly place it on the countertop without harming the surface of it!

However, you will find experts recommending the proper use of trivet while using any appliance that emits heat for a long time, like crockpots. As the material remains pretty dense, there is less chance that heating one spot for a long time will crack the countertop.  

  • Also noted to bee scratch resistant:

People are aiming to spend more money on granite benchtops because of their scratch-resistant features. When it comes to the Mohs scale of hardness, granite often scores 7, which is a solid number. It means there are hardly a few minerals, which are able to scratch it. You can easily cut on it and that won’t affect the granite top. However, it is recommended not to do so as that might dull out the knife instead and will leave a hard to remove metal residue behind.

These are some of the major reasons for you to invest some money in granite benchtops. Once invested, these items are subjected to last for a long time. Yes, you have to maintain it much like any other portion of your house, but don’t have to dedicate much time towards its goal.