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Reasons For Sealing Granite Countertops

by | Jul 5, 2021 | cleaning services

A stain is one of several things that a granite cleaning procedure must address. It may produce surface damage at different degrees of severity. Removing stains from other materials and surfaces, cleaning granite stains may vary from easy to complex using granite stain remover products.

Granite, as you may well know, is utilized in a variety of places in homes. It is used often as a wall or as flooring. It is most often used as kitchen countertops. Stains are one of the numerous things that these home components are often subjected to. There is a good chance that they will be soiled, especially if there are children around.

Granite is a popular option for kitchen countertops because it is both durable and attractive. However, although they are resistant to many chemicals, they are not entirely immune to the harm produced by normal kitchen usage. Continue reading to find out how sealing granite countertops may help them last for years.

Prevent Stains

When you seal your granite countertops, liquids will bead on the surface rather than sink into the stone, which may lead to stains. This is particularly useful if your granite countertops are pale in colour.

Reduce Etching

Sealing granite countertops helps protect them from damage caused by acidic meals and cleaning chemicals. Etching occurs when acidic items like lemon juice are spilt on the surface and not quickly cleaned up if you do not have granite stain remover products.

Clean Faster

Sealing your granite countertops will allow you to clean them much more quickly. Fingerprints and other filth may be readily removed. Because liquids will bead on top and not be absorbed into the stone, it will be much simpler to clean with granite stain remover products without scrubbing after cooking.

Fewer Chemicals

Because a sealer makes your granite countertops simpler to clean, you will not need to use harsh cleaning chemicals, which is healthier for the environment and indoor air quality.

Preserve the Natural Beauty of Granite

Maintaining your granite countertops with a layer of sealer will prevent them from appearing dull and lifeless. A sealer can keep water, oils, and other pollutants from forming mineral deposits on your granite, which may make it seem murky and dingy.

Before sealing your granite countertops, do a simple test to determine whether they need sealing. Wait a few minutes after putting a few drops of water on your counter. If water seeps into the granite or the colour darken, it should be sealed. To check whether your granite is protected against oil stains, do the same test using paint thinner.

It is critical to clean your granite countertop as you go daily. If red wine or other strong chemicals are left on the stone’s surface for an extended period, they may cause severe damage. Some granite is more porous than others, and if you don’t know how porous your granite is, playing it safe is always a good option – powerful substances such as red wine, chilli powder, and orange juice can seep into and stain the surface of your worktop. So taking care is essential to maintaining the quality of the cover for as long as possible and shopping for the best granite stain remover products whenever cleaning is needed.