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Reason Why Timber Palings Fences Have Endured?

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Fencing, Home Improvement

With the advent of Color bond fencing and other modern types of fencing solutions over the last few decades, most people believe conventional timber fencing would finally fall by the wayside. Nevertheless, timber fencing has most definitely survived, and this is because it still provides a range of crucial advantages that other forms of fencing cannot offer. In this article, this article will discuss five of the most significant benefits of timber palings fencing in Newcastle to explain why this kind of fence construction has endured, and why you are still going to see it in so many modern homes.

Simple to Set Up

Whether you are having them installed by a professional or you are undertaking a project yourself, installing timber palings fencing is a much easier matter than any other type of fence. As long as you have all the materials purchased from any major hardware stores, you can try the project yourself. Still, it would be good to contact the fence experts if you did so to ensure that your timber fence is structurally sound.

Easy To Change the Height

Colorbond fences are not customizable; while they have their advantages, you are set up with the design as it is. If you want something different, you are going to have to reinstall the fence entirely. With timber palings fencing, on the other hand, the height can be adjusted simply by lowering the fence panels though if you need your fence to be higher, this will be a bit more problematic. Or say, for example, that you wanted to create a step-by-step effect with your timber palings fencing; you can carve the palings to the right size.

Easy To Add Any Decoration

You can also add optional extras like bars, flower boxes, your house number, and so on — all you need is a hammer and some nails. Or you might want to remove a section of your fence to add something in between — a letterbox, for example. What you need to do is remove the correct palings and mount the addition. This is a luxury that you do not have with continuous styles of fencing.

Simple to Paint

It is not hard to apply another coat of paint to a timber fence or to paint a timber fence entirely. If doing so for other types of fencing, painting is either unnecessary or, if it is, you need to obey precise manufacturer’s directions so as not to damage the fence or even void your warranty.

Adds Character

The old-school charm of the timber palings fencing in Newcastle still exists in contemporary designs. Through traditional homes to more modern styles, timber fences are flexible in any way. Nowadays, you can go with the traditional charm of a picket fence, or maybe take on something that adds a little height and privacy. In this case, your fence should be installed by fence contractors who would have the knowledge and experience needed to provide you with the proper fence structure.