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Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Builder

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Construction

When you are planning to buy or build a new home, choosing the right home builder is important to get the home of your dream. So, to be sure that the builder you have chosen is right for your need, you must ask the person some important questions. Getting the answer to these questions will ensure that you become a satisfied and happy homeowner. Let’s get the details:

  1. Do you have the license? This is the first thing that you need to ask a builder in Kuringgai. It is necessary to work only with the licensed tradesmen. Although it looks like an obvious question, people often go with the unlicensed builders to save cost. And the effects can be really disastrous.
  2. Do you have “Home Indemnity Insurance”?It is necessary to ensure that the builder issues the Certificate of Currency for Home Indemnity Insurance before getting any payment from you. This can cover you from the financial loss if things go wrong.
  3. Do you work in the area of Kuringgai where I want to build my home? This is a simple question, but not everyone asks it. The builder in Kuringgaiyou choose may not be interested in building a home where you want it. Or the builder may hire some sub-contractors instead of working by his own.
  4. How long will the period of building maintenance last?The builders only agree to perform maintaining a building for the after handing over the property to the homeowner. The majority of the experts recommend around six months of maintenance period for residential buildings and around 12-18 months of maintenance period for commercial properties.
  5. Who will supervise the construction of the property? It is an important question to ask as here the construction supervisor works as the person who keeps everyone honest. In case a supervisor is onsite, it is possible to perform the best quality jobs. So, you must check the track record of the person before hiring including the past records of that person and duration at the present employer.
  6. Can I have a look at your recently completed projects? This is an absolute no-brainer. You must be able to check the recently finished work of the builder in Kuringgai, whom you are planning to hire. This works as proof whether the builder is performing the type of job that you want for your home. Besides, this way, you will get to see the quality of the products that the builder has used for completing the work. Apart from asking this question to the builder, you should also speak to the clients of the builder to get the necessary reference.
  7. Will you get involved in any other project while working on mine?You must not like to choose a builder, who takes up more works than his capability. By taking up more work, the builder will not only lack concentration but will also make mistakes. As a result, the project will take more time than usual to complete.