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Pros Of Having A Customized Frameless Shower Screen

by | Aug 26, 2020 | Bathroom Product, Bathroom renovations, Bathroom services

Creating a modern, fresh looking bathroom can include a frameless shower screen which can add several key benefits to a home. Due to their aesthetic value, they eliminate the dullness that may be in the bathroom when installed. The frameless glass shower screen is a piece of elegance and sleekness as well as give that refined look in a home.

A frameless shower door is a popular option for many people doing new installations. These are because a bathroom is one of the most important spaces. These shower screens sometimes take a lot of space and will impact the overall look and safety of the house.  As a homeowner, you should understand the various pros that a frameless shower screen will have and these will help in making an informed decision.

Some pros of having a customized frameless shower screen:

1. Reduced cost:

These shower screens are a great and meaningful way of cutting costs for the bathroom. When added in the shower, it offers a simple step In and steps out of the shower. It is very when there is a prior calculation of the budget needs, and in this way, a homeowner can have a customized frameless shower screen that meets your budget hence affordable and creating modern looks.

2. Size:

Whether small or big size bathroom frameless glass shower screens are customizable to suit the needs of an intended space and give that simplistic fresh look. These glass screens are always a great choice even where a small space is the one available; this is necessitated by the fact that there are no additional attachments and frames.

3. Elegance look: frameless shower screen:

It is customizable to complement the existing features such as the colours, design and textures of the bathroom. Using a transparent screen is always an attractive option as it showcases the beautiful touches installed in the bathrooms such as tiles design and colours, giving an increased visual appeal.

4. Durability:

These screens are made with precision and use of modern technologies to create a shatterproof product. With these features, frameless shower screens are durable and long-lasting as it is made to be used daily.

5. Customizable:

When there is a need for a bathroom remodelling, it is always vital to consider these screens. A professional can account for the current layout and advise accordingly, ensuring that the frameless shower screen fits into the bathroom as still gives that perfect elegance. Customization has created more flexibility and has eliminated the limitations provided by custom made shower doors at standard sizes.  

6. Free of moulds:

Frameless shower doors are easy to clean and hence minimizes the number of places water can collect and facilitate the growth of moulds. Framed shower doors have higher risk chances of water build-up underneath the door seals promoting moulds and mildew to form. Frameless shower doors are manufactured not to be these risky. With a simple swipe, it is crystal clear.

7. Low maintenance:

Due to boredom and tiresome nature of everyday cleaning, a frameless shower screen eliminates these. They are easy to clean and maintain.

In conclusion, the use of frameless shower screens is the ideal bathroom remodel strategies due to the above-explained pros.