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Planning For A New Floor? – Consider Timber Flooring

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Home Improvement

A lot of things have to come together in just the right style or design in order to make a home beautiful. One of those things definitely has to be the floor.

A home’s flooring schemes greatly impacts its overall aesthetics in terms of looks and feel and because of that, it’s important to make sure you get it right. Timber flooring in Narellan is widely available owing to the number of timber dealers and flooring specialists availablein Narellan. For the residents here, let’s take a look at what timber flooring in Narellan brings to the table and why it is a worthwhile investment for your home.

Planning for your flooring

Before we can get to the point mentioned above, let’s take a look at what aspects to regard when planning for your new flooring:

The size of the floor space

This should be the first thing to consider before any more planning can go on. Measure out the entire space that needs new flooring so that the number of needed materials can be determined.

Foot traffic

Consider the amount of traffic that you expect the floor to experience once installed.


Do you have kids and pets as part of your family?

The above-mentioned factors are the first step towards getting your floor done. They will help gauge the quality of timber flooring necessary to accommodate and meet all your needs.

The advantages of going for Timber Flooring

Having done the above process and you’re ready to go to the market for a new flooring solution, here are a few factors to consider as to why the timber flooring in Narellan would be a good bet:

Assures Durability

Timber flooring is quite sturdy in all respects. It can last a very long time while still maintaining the glow and class you’d want your floor to have.

It’s a good investment

Installing timber flooring is a good way to raise the value of your home significantly. This is because the natural look and finish it provides is widely regarded and in time when you’re in the market to sell or resell your home, having timber flooring can increase its value.

Easy availability

This aspect can be looked at in the following regards:

A good number of timber suppliers and flooring specialists are available in the market.

There are many types of timber flooring solutions available for all budget classes. So if you’re on a tight budget, you can be guaranteed to still get a satisfactory timber flooring option.

Easy maintenance

Unlike many other flooring options, like carpeting, for instance, timber flooring doesn’t allow for the possible accumulation of allergens and dust. It is much easier to clean as a result.

Promotes warmth

Since timber is a good insulator, it traps the heat inside the house.

In conclusion

Timber flooring presents a good number of merits. If you’re looking for a flooring upgrade, you can’t go wrong with timber as your choice.