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Perfect Ways To Select The Best Timber Flooring In Epping Of All

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Flooring

So, you are thinking about reselling your house and use that money to purchase a place in a new location. Well, this is a pretty common step these days as it is really hard to maintain two or more houses by a single owner. Whenever you are planning to resale a place, you need to work on it to hike up the value of it. For that, checking your place for some damages and making necessary changes is crucial. Well, try working on the floor first as that’s what attracts people the most. Among so many options, you can always head towards timber flooring in Epping, for benefits you all are well-aware of.

Select between engineered or solid flooring:

Now the biggest concern is how to choose the best timber flooring among so many hardwood options in the market. First of all, you need to select between solid or engineering flooring. Hardwood flooring comes in thicker planks to solid and good quality timber. These solid hardwoods, these days, are widely available but some companies prefer working with an engineered floor. Here, the planks are made with a thinner top layer made out of timber and rest bonded to other layers, to prevent the floor from shifting during contraction and expansion cycles. Do you want that or just want to stick to the old timber solid option? The choice is yours!

Go for the prefinished or site finish one:

You have the liberty to purchase hardwood planks like the timber ones under its raw structure and then get it finished by the professionals after the installation. Or you can opt for the prefinished one, arriving with stain and topcoat already. The advantage that comes with prefinished one is that you know what you are getting beforehand. So, you have the exact sample by your side, to use to coordinate with the colour palette of your home and then choosing other designer elements like wall coverings, textiles and cabinetry accordingly.

The finishing type matters a lot:

No matter whatever kind of design you have chosen, but the finishing type can change the game for good! The market houses a complete spectrum of finished items right from oil like hybrids to penetrating oil, site finished polyurethane to some of the prefinished UV curved urethane-based finishes. Always be sure of the choice you are making with timber flooring Epping. To simplify the task for you, most of these finishes will fall into one out of two categories, under polyurethane or oil.

Choose the perfect grain pattern:

Logs can be cut into multiple ways. Some are rift sawn and then you have other plain sawn. Other than that, some are quarter swan as well. These different cuts can give rise to different grain patterns. No matter whatever the case, be sure to pick your grain pattern first as that determines how your chosen log will be cut. Ask experts for their advice as they can help you make the right pick. Once that is done, you are off to a great start.